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The Tooth Fairy ran out of Money

tooth fairyLast week our Tooth Fairy ran out of money.   All she had in her pretty little purse was 65 cents and she really did not feel this was enough for our little Chanel.

That evening, I had taken the girls and a couple of their friends from school to the local skating rink for cheap Tuesday Skating.  Chanel bumped into another learner skater and further loosened her already wobbly top front tooth.   While Chanel was not hurt, she was now able to wobble it much more than what she could do previously….and believe me, every time she wobbled it – my tummy turned.  I can not look at or watch any of the kids when they have wobbly teeth as I feel rather squeamish.

After I dropped all the friends home from our skating fun, Chanel came home and wobbled her tooth further.  She hoped that it would just pop out.

Chanel was excited – she has a plan for her money.  She is not exactly the best saver, but at least we know that she has a plan – a plan that she is more than happy to discuss with us.   We often talk about the phrase ‘value for money’ and ‘wise choices’.   However, Dion and I had a little issue.   The Tooth Fairy only had 65 cents in her cute little purse.

What could we do at this late hour – neither hubby or myself wanted to make a mercy dash to the local ATM?    I asked Dion if he had money and to my dismay, I was only able to find a 5 cent coin in his wallet.   This was going to be a late night scavenger hunt.  After checking behind the cushions on the couch, I had a moment where I even contemplated opening the holiday tin –   If only I hadn’t put $3 in the tin earlier that day.

I’m not sure about how your Tooth fairy works, but ours is very special.  On Tuesday, she still came despite only having 65 cents in her purse, she left Chanel a letter.   Here is Chanel’s letter from our family’s Tooth fairy. (so cute).

Dear Chanel,
I’m so incredibly sorry.
You were the very last child to lose a tooth today, and so you were the last one on my route tonight.
It is so unfortunate that I ran out of gold coins.  I so love those gold coins.

Please do not be sad.  I will be in your area when the moon rises again.
You will need to be fast asleep before I come, but I promise I will bring you gold coins.

While you were sleeping, I could not help but notice how pretty you are!
I was shocked tonight as how gross one of the boys who lost a  tooth was.
He gave me a big fright – I nearly forgot to leave him his gold coins.

Tomorrow at some point, could you please ask your sister to clean up her side of the room.
I tripped over her stinky shoe before and nearly fell.  I could have really hurt myself!

Remember Chanel you are very smart and very beautiful,
Much love,

Your Loving Tooth Fairy 


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