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    Just a Little Hygge

    Usually the start of Autumn brings that ‘sad, blah, it’s the end of Summer yuck feeling’ in the pit off my tummy, however, after an insanely intense hot summer, I don’t actually feel that sad about the new change of  season. In fact, I welcome Autumn.  At this moment,  I am looking forward to some cooler weather.  My only issue with Autumn come winter are the shorter days. Our Queensland winters aren’t really all that cold.  We might have the occasional day where we can’t get away with a t-shirt and jeans, but on the whole, we don’t have winters where we need a fireplace or central heating. This week, I…

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    Simplifying Life

    There is a lot of talk in my group of friends about how busy our lives are.   We all have kids, a couple of mums work full time,  some work part time, some are stay at home parents, some are single mums and a few of us are married, and none of us feel as though we have enough time in the day to do anything for ourselves.   We feel rushed and reactive rather than relaxed and responsive, and I think we are the ones who will pay for the lifestyle we live now, long term. We have to learn how to slow down and enjoy the journey.…

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    A Mischievious Christmas

    Christmas is a season that should be enjoyed, happy memories made, and mums should not be locked in the kitchen preparing the meal while everyone else is having fun. Sadly, the Christmas period can be a stressful time in the year for many mums and it really shouldn’t be. My favourite mantra is ‘Keep It Simple’, because its important to get back to what Christmas is all about. Its about connecting with the people in our lives that are special to us. To ‘keep life as simple’ as possible, you must get yourself and your family organised. Everyone (including extended family) needs to be on the same page. The goal…

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    Did you bring your game?

    I’m not sure when it started, but at some point in the last six weeks,  I started asking our girls each day if they are bringing their game to the table today! I mentioned it to my friend recently when she asked me how I get my kids motivated for school each day.    All I know is that whenever I ask this question, the kids work well, and when I don’t ask the question – we seem to have an average work day.    We’ve started calling it the ‘golden question’, because we really do feel that we have a good work day when I ask them if they are bringing their…

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    Celebrating Gratefulness

    We don’t celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ day here in Australia and I think we should.  The American’s formally celebrate Thanksgiving each year on the third Thursday in November, and have done so since 1941.   American’s may not have all the right answers to the big questions, but I do think they have a great idea in terms of their ‘Thanksgiving’ day. Imagine if we had a day off to celebrate gratefulness.  How great would that be?  (no pun intended) We have so many things in our lives to be thankful for, and the older I get – the more I understand how gratifying the simple pleasures really are.  A princess doesn’t need a…

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    Spring in my Step!

    Spring is here at last (insert happy dance here). I don’t know about you, but for me winter felt as though it would never end. It was a very long three months this year. I don’t know if I can fully express to you my excitement for Spring. Over the last couple of weeks I caught a chest infection and tonsillitis, which took me out of the game of life for a couple of weeks, and believe me it has not been fun.  Kicking illness to the curb is like a Spring present, after all, there’s nothing worse than a sick mum.  Households don’t function well when mum is down for…

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    Simplifying and Enjoying Motherhood

    What do you do when you feel like you have lost your pizzazz, or your sparkle? Everything’s fine.   Except for one thing – I have been feeling as though my life is too busy, and this ‘busyness’ feeling stops me feeling connected and fully engaged with our kids. I’m not depressed, or blue. I just feel a little overwhelmed with how much there needs to be done on a daily basis to keep our household running smoothly, our children well, homework and school assessments in order, nutritious food on the table, the laundry in control, and all those other things that feel as though they need to have been done yesterday. When I…

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    Mothers Day. A Day for Mums. A Day for Me.

    Mothers day 2014, was a good day. My day started out rather strangely.  I woke up to Jaden sitting on my face.  He lost his balance when he bounced on my bed.    Thank God I don’t sleep on my back – it could have been more awkward than it was.   It wasn’t the gentle wake up I was hoping for this mothers day, but it still turned out to be a nice day. I had told hubby to save our money this year.   I don’t really need anything,  and I have started decluttering our home again – so while gifts are nice and do play a part in…

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