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    Intentional Romance 2.0

    The best thing about a rainy day is curling up to a great book or watching a movie.   This time it was the sequel to the Big Fat Greek Wedding movie.   I normally don’t like sequels, but I really loved the original movie, so I thought I would give it a go. I’m not going to tell you all about the movie and spoil it for everyone who wants to see it, but I am going to tell you about the one line in the movie that gave me a little shove, and reminded me that we (the majority of mums) need to make more of an effort in…

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    Refresh thy Marriage

    Having children has definitely made our lives far richer than I could ever have known or imagined.  My only wish is that hubby and I had more time to plan and dream about our lives and our future like we did when we were first together.  While I love where we are 13 years and 10 months on, I sometimes wish we could jump through a portal and go back to those days when it was just us.   It would be nice to enjoy that ‘specialness of newly wedded bliss’  with no responsibilities again. Now don’t go assuming that I regret having children because I don’t. Far from it.  I love…

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    The Good Ol Days

    This photo is of Hubby and I before we were Hubby and wifey!  The year was 2001…the same year as we got married, and we were a couple of months off being engaged.   These were the days where I had time….I was studying and had time to get my hair done…not to mention my eyesbrows reshaped! These days we have four kids – 3 beautiful girls and a gorgeous little boy!    I will plaster my blog with photos of my kids and life…I am just getting into the swing of the idea of having a blog.   There are so many things I would like to do and…