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    Women, Mothers and Metaphoric Hats

    Do you ever feel as though you wear too many hats? I’m not talking about real hats at the moment, I’m talking about those metaphoric ones the majority of us mums – women can relate too.   A mother’s role is incredibly complex, yet incredibly rewarding. I often wonder how strange it is that something can be both really wonderful AND really hard all at the same time. There is a never ending list of tasks to do, and never enough hours in the day or days in the week to get everything done.   I think the most frustrating part of my role is that the majority of jobs are re-occurring!  One must…

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    Life Choice: Phase – Stay at Home Mum

    Have you ever had someone out of the blue ask you what your doing with your life? This week I had somebody ask me what I’m doing with my life?  I responded ‘Well, I am a mum of four and…’ and just as I was about to finish my sentence this person cut me off.   She seemed irritated by my half answer.  Suddenly I felt as though I was on the defence. This lady, who will remain nameless, growls “I know you are a mother, everything about you says ‘mother’, I want to know if ‘Sarah’ still lives in there?’.  She even used her quotation fingers!   I was stunned…

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    Raising Techy kids

    Technology has changed our world on so many levels. I can’t imagine our world now without laptops, iPads/tablets, iPods and smartPhones. I can’t imagine life without wifi….God forbid we still lived in a world with dial up internet,  or NO internet at all?!! I can’t imagine life without the many apps I use on a daily basis.  I don’t know about you, but these days I have a very happy codependent relationship with google – a relationship I have no desire to break off. Hubby is very tech savvy, and I love the world of blogging, wordpress, photography, and social media, so it’s very easy to understand why our kids…

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    Parenting. What Parenting?

    For years, I have seen the Wicked camper vans on the Sunshine Coast, and I must admit that I have been quite appalled by many a disgusting and crude slogan.  They are often racist and incredibly offensive.  I have often thought about the idea that ‘somebody’ should do something about them, but life would get busy and then all of a sudden I would see another van and again be reminded of how disgraceful these vans were , but also think to myself how ‘somebody’ should stop this company in their tracks. Last week, a mother who had had enough stood up to be counted.   I would love to…

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    Fashionably Chanel

    Let’s meet Chanel. Over the last week or two,  I have been talking on facebook about my youngest daughter Chanel.   She’s our fashion conscious style guru here at home.   She has an eye for detail and a love of all that relates to fashion – clothing, hair, make up – oh and accessories!   You should see her looming! Last weekend we went down to Brisbane to celebrate three birthdays, and our Chanel was one of the guests of honour.   You can only imagine how excited she was to be ‘a guest of honour’ – and as you can imagine her thoughts were on what she was going…

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    Simplifying and Enjoying Motherhood

    What do you do when you feel like you have lost your pizzazz, or your sparkle? Everything’s fine.   Except for one thing – I have been feeling as though my life is too busy, and this ‘busyness’ feeling stops me feeling connected and fully engaged with our kids. I’m not depressed, or blue. I just feel a little overwhelmed with how much there needs to be done on a daily basis to keep our household running smoothly, our children well, homework and school assessments in order, nutritious food on the table, the laundry in control, and all those other things that feel as though they need to have been done yesterday. When I…

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    The Daniel Morcombe Verdict

    While I sit and write this piece, there is another mother on the Sunshine Coast who is finally allowed to really mourn the loss of her little boy.   Yesterday marked a significant milestone for the Morcombe family.  After ten painful years, Brett Peter Cowan, was found, trialled and found guilty for the abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe.   Today this man was sentenced to life in prison, with a 20 year minimum sentence.  The judge told the parole board that it would be advisable to never allow this man parole. What angers me the most about this situation is that we found out that Daniel would be here…

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    A Mothers work is never done!

    When school returned three weeks ago, I assumed I would gain time to write, and accomplish a few things on my mummy list, but also a number of things on my ‘Things Sarah wants to accomplish list’. Oh, how wrong I was! Two out of the three girls settled back into school life well – and quickly.   Our beautiful middle daughter, has found learning difficult, and while we are helping her at home, She also receives learning support at school, Bethy’s self confidence needs a little work, so we have been having lots of chats about how joy comes from within, and no one can make her happy, Bethy…

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