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2023,  Taking Stock

Taking Stock 2023

Last year (2022), I didn’t write any ‘Taking Stock’ blog posts, but the year before I made sure I wrote one each month. In fact, Taking Stock 2021 was what kept progressing. I consider ‘Taking Stock’ posts a snapshot in time of my world. Something to look back on.

Pip Lincolne, blogger, author, and crafter extraordinaire first introduced me to the idea of the ‘Taking Stock’ posts a number of years ago. I am quite fond of Pip’s blog. She’s over at ‘‘. I enjoy her blog and find her whimsical way of relating to her audience both fun and relational.

Recently, as I browsed, I quickly noticed Pip had a new way of writing her ‘Taking Stock‘ posts and loved the idea immediately – she alphabetised the prompts, and changed them up a bit!!! So here I am, new year, new ‘Taking Stock‘ prompts! I’m not stealing the idea but borrowing the concept from her. It has been said that copying an idea can be considered a compliment, which is what I am hoping she sees if she was to find my blog in her travels. Thanks Pip!

Then I realised that she too had borrowed the new blog prompts from another blogging friend Denyse Whelan ( Great idea Denyse! 🙂

So here we go! ‘Taking Stock March 2023‘. (If you are looking for Taking Stock in January or February 2023, I didn’t get to it! And so, since there is no time like the present – I decided that March is a good month to start a new habit in 2023. Maybe staggering new habits across the year will be beneficial to making long lasting

… My cousin Anna’s art work. She is an incredibly talented artist who has a studio in Dallas, Texas with her hubby and children. Her web address is I’m loving her work

… stronger! Probably a strange thing to say in some ways, but with having to move three times over the last month we are tired but feeling a lot more resilient in ourselves.

… Always looking for new recipes that will suit our family. Our new family favourite is Baked Beef and Corn Quesadillas with Tomato Salsa and Sour Cream. I will put the recipe on the blog as soon as I can.

… On 20th February, 5 weeks ago, we had a fire in our home (If you want to know more about this, click here). We are now in the middle of making a lot of decisions as to what to do regarding getting our home ready for us to move into again. Should we lay down carpet again in the bedrooms or should we go for something different?

…About 2023. In the first couple of months of 2023, we had a fire, I can’t help thinking it’s going to be an interesting year in many respects? Just so you know I’m definitely not excited about having had a fire!!

… Thank God for school holidays. With three moves in a month and possibly another one to two moves in the next few months, I have to admit that I feel a little tired. The school holidays could not come quick enough for so many reason. It has been a huge term for both our kids still at school. One is in year 12 and the other is in year 7. One is preparing to leave school and the other has just started his first year of high school. I wish it was a better term one for them from a personal point of view, but on the other hand, Nell’s friends at school have done so many kindnesses for her. We, as a family, have been blessed incredibly throughout this time, friends have really stepped up and sent us meals and really given of themselves. We feel so grateful for community we are in.

… The list of people and things we are grateful for in March is quite big. We have been incredibly blessed and supported through our crazy month. We are growing our resilience muscles!!

… The last week of March was about finishing the term well. The first term of year 12 and year 7 has now passed and while Nell was afforded extensions for her assessments, we are thankful to be at the end of term 1. It was a hard one. These last few weeks were about helping the kids manoeuvre there way through the craziness of March Madness in our household.

… There are a lot of areas in my life that I would like to improve. Relationships, health, wellbeing, finances, home, and fun…just to name a few things. March madness was crazy for us so home and wellbeing were our focus in many respects. I believe relationships were also strengthened as our community rallied around us as we dealt with packing up our home. We have seen the best of our community this month which has reminded us again and again how precious each person in our lives really are.

… Instagram Reels are making me smile. My kids like to send me reels that make me laugh, or reels that they think I will laugh at. I usually do find most of them really funny, and often I will forget that somebody sent a funny one to me, and I will send it back to them, which makes them laugh.

Also, I have been watching British Comedian Michael McIntyre on youtube. I am a huge fan of British comedy (if they are good). I will tell you though that he does swear from time to time so if you are against all forms of bad language you should probably pass, but I find him funny.

…. We belong to a really wonderful community of people in our school, our church and in our neighbourhood. We have a really tight group of friends that have really supported and loved us particularly throughout our fire ordeal, but for many, many years. This group of friends started before the plandemic, was strengthened through the plandemic, and now we just consider ourselves sisters. I love my beautiful friends.

… The beach!! I have a couple of really special spots around the coast, particularly Caloundra area, but there are some wonderful spots around Mooloolaba and Alexandra Headland. One of my resolutions for this year was to have more fun in my day to day life. My goal was to look around and see where I could add more beauty to my life. One thing my two older girls decided to do for ourselves two days a week was to go down to Kings Beach pool just after school drop off. Since the fire we haven’t been able to do it due to having to empty our home so the contractors could come in and fix up our home, but we want to get back to it. My main goal is to spend more time at the beach in whatever capacity.

… Coolangatta (One of our happy places)

…. The month of March really wasn’t a ‘making’ month considering all we had to do at the house so that the cleaners and contractors could come in and do their jobs. Making meals was probably the extent of the making goals for March, sad unfortunately, but true. One day, hopefully later this year, I will get back to my pottery classes.

… The next thing on our agenda with regard to our home is organising flooring and window coverings for our home. These are our responsibility apparently, because they come under contents for the insurance. The project manager will want us prepared for when the contractors are finished with construction and painting.

… I have always been quite interested in clouds. I love how different they are every time you look at them.

… I have almost finished this blog post…..It started off as a great idea. It has been a massive month! I might need to come up with my own list of Taking Stock prompts.

…The mental health of politicians!

… This month I started my amazing friend Rebecca Moore’s book ‘Where Rivers Flow’. This is a book for the soul. Since the fire in our home (late February), I have felt incredibly displaced within myself. This feeling has been exacerbated by having to move so many times. ‘Where the River Flows’ is beautiful. When we talk about relaxing in and knowing God is in charge of a situation, it is somewhat difficult to just relax and let go. We often feel like we have to be in there doing God’s job, as though God’s not capable of helping us. As I read each little story of encouragement, I am reminded time and time again, that while I feel as though our circumstances have caused us discomfort, we are actually exactly where we are supposed to be at this time in our lives. God has a purpose in our situation and I find comfort knowing that God’s plan is in play and all we have to do is trust and do our part. ‘Where Rivers Flow’ has brought me a lot of comfort over the last few weeks.

… We have moved three times over the last 5 weeks – Caloundra Bulcock Beach area, Golden Beach, and now Wurtulla. It will be nice to move home again.

… March ’23 has not been the month to try new things!

… I made the decision to defer the Bachelor of Communication. I am trying to work out what to do regarding it. Other issues to deal with first.

… I really struggle to find good shows on tv, there are so many really crass options sadly. Recently I found a documentary on Netflix that I have really been enjoying. It’s called ‘Old Peoples Home for 4 Year Olds’. The premise of the show is a scientific experiment to try and see if there are benefits to both the elderly community and also young children by integrating the two demographics into a preschool program. In the first season we met 11 ‘oldies’ 78 years of age plus, who volunteered themselves for seven weeks to the program. All 11 oldies suffered both physically in one way or another, and also with anxiety and depression. The goal was to see if running a preschool program in an old peoples home would be helpful (strength and mood) to both demographics. There is a season 2, so I am looking forward to having some time to see if they have success in the program.

… Fun and Normal back into our lives!!! Please and thank you!

… Planning more fun into our lives!

…to more Fun, more family and friend catchups!!

… One of my goals for this month as been to get to bed earlier and stick to a bed time routine. It’s been difficult because I am naturally a night owl, but I do know that I do not get enough done if I don’t have enough sleep.

So there we have it…we made it to the end of the alphabet prompts! I am hoping April is a much better month for us all. I need to make a list of things to look forward to over the coming months. We have been told we will be moving again later in April, so hopefully the next place will be a mansion on Minyama Island….can’t see that happening though! We have to be out of our home for about 3 months according to the Insurance company. Bring on some amazing days in April!

Till next time,

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