A Life Animated



This week its the ‘Caloundra Film Festival’.

The beauty of homeschooling means we can take advantage of the local events and work them into our curriculum.  Obviously not everything fits in, but sometimes events can work in to the mix beautifully.

This week is ‘the Caloundra Film Festival’, and so this morning I took the girls to the local cinema to see ‘Life Animated’.

‘Life Animated’ is a story about a young man called Owen who was diagnosed at three with regressive autism.   He developed a strong affinity and passion for animated disney films, and once his parents realised – when Owen was around seven, they used the animated films to reconnect with their son.

Over the years, his family, guided by doctors and support workers, were on a mission to help Owen through his childhood into adulthood.  The goal was to help support Owen as he discovers his independence.

‘Life Animated’ was written by Ron Suskind – Owen’s father.  It also won the Sundance Film Festival competition earlier this year.

This film will open your eyes to autism.  It will give you a fresh appreciation not only for those with autism, but also for those families who have someone in their family with autism.

If you see this film advertised in a cinema near you, definitely go and see it.   All three of our girls (ages 13, 12 and 10) feel that  ‘Life Animated’ is a must see film.


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