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Urgency in the heart, or is it just the pending Midlife Crisis?!

Its Monday.   The First day of the second week of term 4 (2013).   After today, our school year has 7 weeks and 4 days left for the year – not that I am counting!   This week is also ‘week 43’ of the calendar year, and this means that we have 9 weeks and 5 days till the end of 2013. Before we know it, Christmas and January 2014 will be upon us.

Isn’t this a sobering thought?  Time is flying past far too quickly for my liking.

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I woke today feeling a sense of urgency in my spirit. I’m still trying to work out exactly what the urgency means, but there will always be an urgency to spend quality time with the kids and hubby, friends, and to choose what is healthy for our mind, body and spirit.   As a friend often says – ‘balance is dynamic’.   Its evolving, and we must listen to what is going on around us and from within us. Listen to our intuition, and do what is right for each of us in our family. Including me!

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This past weekend my 9 year old daughter innocently asked me, very casually, when I was planning to have my midlife crisis!?  Apparently, Bethy’s friend at school was saying that her mum told her and her brother, that their dad was having a midlife crisis, so Bethy thought she should raise the subject with me.   ‘When am I planning to have my midlife crisis?’

I have to say that I still feel rather stunned by the question, because up until now I had not planned one.   I was planning in the next few years to slide into my forties without fuss, but now the question has been asked?   Could it be true –  Should I give myself permission to have a midlife crisis?

The answer to this is obviously NO!

So what exactly is a midlife crisis?

The Urban Dictionary says  ‘When a person regrets how they have lived his or her life, and attempts to ‘correct’ their mental issue in a variety of ways which usually always harms themselves or those closest to them.’

Well, I have no desire to harm my family or myself so that idea will just have to go out the window.   What I will say is this.  There is no better time to improve one’s life and taking your family on the journey of ‘improvement’ is a much better alternative to the idea of a crisis rampage! Lets use this time proactively and responsively rather than reactively, shall we?

Here we have the perfect opportunity to have more fun with the kids, live healthily,  have holidays, improve and enjoy our home,  and enjoy the area in which we live.  The idea of a Midlife crisis sounds harmful and destructive rather than good and wholesome!

I have been living in my happy place for quite a long time. I rarely think of my age, and I have been working on my health issues for a long time – actually it feels a lot longer than the reality of how long its been.  In many ways, I feel as though finishing year 12 was only a few short years ago – the reality is further from the truth.  Suddenly, out of the blue, 20 years has passed since leaving high school.

With this in mind, I have been thinking about my life, and this is my conclusion. I don’t regret my life.  Obviously there are things I would like to have done, but didn’t, and there are things I wish I had not done, but success to me has never been about lots of money or owning multiple properties.   My success is in my family – I feel that I am actually living the life I wanted when I thought of what my life would look like at this time in my life.  Obviously tweaking and improvement is always on the agenda, but if I could take a snapshot of my life – outside of a few little issues, I think I would consider my life pretty perfect.

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