Taking Stock

Taking Stock- December 2016

It may be the very first day of January 2017, but I wanted to finish and post my ‘Taking Stock- December 2016’ post.   Pip Lincolne introduced me to the idea of ‘Taking Stock’ posts a while back, and so it seemed like a good idea to complete the year with one.

So here we go….Taking Stock – December 2016!

Making: Not exactly making at the moment but am about to start learning how to crochet. #lifegoals
Cooking: some yummy healthy gf apple and cinnamon muffins
Drinking:  Icy soda water at the moment
Reading:  The Subtle Art of not giving a &@$! by Mark Mason
Trawling: Netflix for good things to watch
Watching: The kids and I have just watched Fuller House season 2, hubby and I are plodding along through the last season of House of Cards.
Wanting: More time before hubby goes back to work on Tuesday 🙁
Looking: For recipes online to use my spiraliser
Deciding:  What I should be focusing on at this moment
Wishing: The weather wasn’t so warm.  I’m not so keen on the humidity.k
Enjoying: Life and catching up with old friends. 😉
Waiting: For the guy to put in our new security screens early January!
Liking: Soda water
Wondering: What surprises 2017 will bring
Loving: Time at home with the family pottering around.
Pondering: if I shouldn’t add more to my last blog post ‘goodbye 2016, hello 2017’
Listening: Latest Happier with Gretchen podcast ‘start your own happiness project’. Also a mix of king and country, Lauren Daigle, Cyndi Lauper and whoever is on my Spotify playlist.
Considering: What to read next.
Buying: nothing at the moment
Hoping: 2017 will be the year where world peace actually happens
Marvelling:  Some friendships are truly wonderful.  Its good to make friendship a priority  ❤️
Cringing: At all the things I forgot to do this year.
Needing: a little more uninterrupted time to work on my projects.
Questioning:  Nothing much at the moment.
Smelling: roses
Wearing: my new dress and loving it!
Noticing: life is good!
Knowing: I am enough right at this present time.
Thinking: about ways inwhich we could make improvements to our home.
Admiring: my friend Nikkers (Nicole). She is such an awesome person in so many ways.
Getting: sorted for a brand new year
Bookmarking: Recipes, life hacks, health content and anything I find interesting
Disliking: How quickly the holidays are disappearing and noticing how quickly the back to school sales are starting  🙁
Opening: My book!
Closing: my book – too tired to read right now!
Feeling: content
Hearing: the fan motor
Celebrating: the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.
Pretending: to be organized – if only I really was!
Embracing: A fresh new year!

I would love to hear some of your ideas in the form a Taking Stock list.   Don’t be a stranger and just write and send your post into the comments section of the mischieviousmum.com blog.  I would love to have a read of them.

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