2020,  Taking Stock

Taking Stock – June 2020


Oops! 🙂
June escaped me. Here I am though, few days into July – Better late than never!!!

What a crazy month June came and went!  Not sure why this month has felt much longer than any other month, but it could simply be because school holidays were coming, and I was eager to get there as quickly as possible. After all these years, I am still one of those mums who loves holidays with the kids. And yes, I know that sounds crazy since I am a homeschooling mum!

All I can say is Thank God the holidays are here!!

Homeschooling Reporting went very well. We are so blessed to have an amazing and encouraging teacher. Both kids are doing well. Our youngest, Jaden, who has had learning issues has really turned a corner and I am an incredibly proud Mumma of the effort both kids have put in again this Semester. We have worked so hard, and moved some mountains. Jaden’s gone from a reading level 4, to a level 17. He is very excited to hear this news. We are totally chuffed with the outcomes!

Also, he is thoroughly enjoying reading for himself, and over the month of June has read 4 books in Anh Do’s ‘Ninja Kid’ series. While he was waiting for the fifth book in the series, he started reading the 1st book in the Imagination station series. For a mumma who felt like I was pushing an elephant up a hill with regard to Jaden’s schooling, I feel as though we have reached a new level, and turned a really big corner on our mountainous journey. This child has gone from not believing he needed to know how to read to enjoying reading. Big Wins!!

Homeschooling isn’t fun when you feel like your pushing elephants up a hill, but I can assure you that when you see your child excited about reading and learning, it makes all your efforts worthwhile.

Making: The one thing I make a lot of is….. Meals! Lots and lots and lots of meal making! Every single day….it. never. ends!! 🙂.

On the other hand, our daughter has been enjoying making charms for her bracelet using polymer clay. Today we learned that we must recheck the temperature it needs to be baked at. Our baker daughter was using the oven and Chanel put her charms in to bake for 40 minutes. Let’s just say that 180 degrees Celsius + 40 minutes, causes clay to burn. Her cute little clay charms, became a terrible hot mess of brown sadness on a tray.

Cooking: This month we have been cooking a lot of spicey, curry or chilli based meals. Lots of Pressure cooked meals. I even learned how to make yoghurt in the pressure cooker, and boiled eggs!

Sipping: Always soda water and lemon.  

Reading: Magnolia Story, by Joanna and Chip Gaines. I also flick through a lot of recipe books.

Looking: Forward to the future without covid-19. Going back to church, seeing friends and family without restrictions, etc., and all that and more.

Listening: I have been listening to Dr Eric Berg podcast who talks a lot about a lot of health related issues for women, Rebecca St James, She Reads Truth, Calvary kids podcast, The Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff, Gretchen Rubin podcast, Raising Girl shaped flames (parenting teen girls)! 

Wishing/Praying: For the elimination of Covid-19. (JUNE)

Enjoying: Spending time with friends at cafe’s in Mooloolaba.

Liking: The month of June is coming to an end. School holidays are here.

Loving:  Picnics at Shelly beach. Shelly Beach is my absolute favourite spot in Caloundra. It’s my go to Happy Place near home. My all time favourite beach on the Coast is Mooloolaba. Particularly through the week, because weekends are very busy.

Buying: Trying to buy a new home printer. Not having a lot of luck at the moment with finding one.

Watching:  The last season of Fuller House. I loved the Full House Show as a kid, so watching Fuller House on Netflix was absolutely going to happen. I also enjoyed a show called ‘Sweet Magnolia’.

Hoping: To achieve my 20 for 2020 goal list despite Covid-19 virus. I don’t want to throw away the year just because of covid. Certain elements are different, but overall its still a good year. It is all about our attitude toward the situation that arises around us.   

Needing: I don’t really need anything. I’m quite content and happy. 

Wearing: Clothes. 🙂

Following: Chanel and I found a youtube channel called ‘Trent and Alli’. They are a couple in the U.S. who built their van from scratch, and have been living and travelling around America and South America over the last few years in their van. A few months ago, they booked their van into a storage facility in Argentina, and flew back to the States. Covid-19 stopped their travel plans, but since being back in the States (Utah), they bought a caravan called Terry, they are doing up, and making it homely.

I love the idea of travelling around in an RV, so while we would need a massive tank to fit our 6 person family, the dream for me is to visit every little coastline town in Queensland and NSW. Maybe when the kids are self sufficient we can look into that option, hubby and I can get something suitable when the kids are a little more self sufficient.

Noticing: How tall my kids are getting! Chanel is a centimetre taller than me, and Jaden still has a little ways to go, but seriously it won’t be long. It won’t be long till they are all towering over me. 

Sorting:  Books. I love the idea of having massive bookshelves that cater for all our books, but the reality is that we don’t have a home that would suit a big wall of books. Its a nice idea for my fantasy self, but reality self is desperately trying to minimise, minimise, minimise so I am trying to rejig the bookshelf, and sort out the secret stash box of books that don’t fit on the shelf. I have a lot of trouble moving books on. I realise its a first world problem

Getting: Tired of winter. Having to take Beps to work at UNGODLY hours when its freezing, is not fun. Just to let you know, last week, when I took her to work at 4.30 am, it was 6 degrees. 6 degrees is very unkind, and very cold. Two months of winter left. I am really looking forward to the Spring.

Saving: For a family holiday.

Bookmarking: Home organisation ideas.

Feeling:  Happy!

Highlights: We caught up with my Aunt and Uncle at the Dicky Beach Surf Club for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Reporting for the kids went really well. Jaden’s reading level has jumped from a 4 to a 17! The holidays are here!

Lowlight:  It’s not really a lowlight moment, but a significant moment this weekend, when Jaden asked me to put Woody and Buzz into his treasure box in the garage. I know it is our goal for our kids to grow up, and change, but putting Woody and Buzz into a box into the garage is a massive step for this child. Also, Jaden wants a desk in his room, so the lego table has been moved out. He wants to sell the lego table. He told me that he has to do it, because he will be a man in 9 years. I guess he’s getting ready!

Grateful:    Hubby fixed the shower taps in the ensuite. Not only does the shower look better – it actually works again! So grateful!!

Can’t believe June has disappeared before my eyes, yet, at the same time I feel like we have had a lot more days in this last month than a normal June in a normal year. I’m not ready for Christmas yet, but it will be here before we know it. 2020 is crazy.

Hope you are doing well?
Chat Soon.


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