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Jaden…the only boy child!

Jaden is turning 20 months this month….on the 12th actually – which is Wednesday next week.   This child is amazingly cute, gorgeous and a whole lot of fun, but let me say that he has turned my world upside down and inside out.   Obviously he is a positive in my life, but he gets into absolutely everything.   My girls loved to colour pictures.  Jaden loves to colour walls, tables and floors.   My girls loved to play tea parties.  Jaden loves to pull all the plastics out of the cupboard and jump all over them.  Oh, and he pulls the toaster out and shakes it all over the kitchen.  The girls loved to play in a playground calmly.  Jaden likes to head down the slippery slide head first.     My home used to be calm, cool and collected.   These days my home feels a little chaotic.

Over the last week, Jaden has realised that he can flick the switch on the back sliding door and then move to the back of the door and pull as hard as he can – lets just say that I have found him numerous times in the back yard playing….I bought a sliding door stopper at Bunnings and within a couple of days he worked out that if he pulls the door really hard against the door stopper – it will fall off the window.  The little monkey stands there proudly and  laughs.  Now I have bought a piece of dowl and this morning Dion cut  it to size.   It is wedged in the bottom of the frame and stops (hopefully that is) the door from moving backwards.   I am wondering how long it will be before he works out how to get it out of the track?   I will let you know if he works it out!

Did I say that I loved my boy!   I do.  I really do, but when my friends told me that having a boy is different and lovely because they love to cuddle more than girls do….why didn’t you tell me that he would turn my house upside down?

It must be hard for the youngest when their siblings are older and are all at school.  If I had of had my way I would have had Jaden closer to Chanel, but that just didn’t happen, so one has to deal with the situation as it is, but in saying that, it is kind of like having two families.  I have the older ones who all go to school and are all busy being educated and when they are home they play, but they also have chores and homework to do – I am teaching them to do jobs so that they can help out at home and learn to be a responsible citizen of society; and then I have Mr Koala cuddles Jaden.!  The gorgeous messy monster that he is! I try to spend time playing with him so that he isn’t bored and getting into mischief or trouble – depending which comes first.   I am planning to be put him into swimming lessons soon, and getting him out and about so that sleep times can be longer – hopefully I will be able to achieve small miracles for the rest of the family.   Not sure if I should mention this but parenting and running a household is hard work!   I desperately want an ‘Alice’, Carol Brady really didn’t know how lucky she was!

If you know me, you will know that I like to be as organised as I can be.  I love when my home is clean.  I love order and having a place for everything.  My house is supposed to look like a ‘display home!’.  So far, over the last few months since Jaden has been walking especially, I have had to change my thinking.    My ultimate goal is the Display home standard, but my reality is far from this … in fact, lets not go there!

Anyway, as I write this blog entry my four wonderful kids are playing outside – happily at the moment.   Its Spring now and the days are getting longer.  Maybe I will get more done now that its getting warmer…but for now I have to go and get them in so that we can start homework and get some assignment work done….Friday is coming and I love Tuesday nights so I have to be ready so that the kids can get to bed on time.

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