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Cosmetic surgery anyone?

Today I was looking through my blog feeling a little blah about it.   My blog was boring me so I have given a little freshen up.   Hence the cosmetic surgery.   Anyway it got me thinking about my thoughts on cosmetic surgery…now I have to say that I am 36 and feeling rather tired…I am getting those crows feet around my eyes when I smile…In many respects I feel as though my youthful days are well and truly behind me, and I am becoming a little pre-occupied with anti-aging and youth!

Today, being Sunday, has been one of those days really.   I have started half a dozen jobs (mainly because Jaden has needed attention) and its just about 2:45pm….I feel the afternoon slipping into the evening.   I feel Monday brewing and I am not ready for the new week to be upon me  – Forget Monday for a minute – I am not wanting dinner time to come as I am far too unprepared for that.   As I write this blog post, I am feeling rather relaxed, somewhat sleepy, but also a tad annoyed because Amy is making noise to the sound of the National (Australian) anthem – I am wondering why on earth would she be doing that knowing Jaden is down for a rest. When I say that he is resting, its because I am lying next to him on my bed, I have tried to slip out a number of times with no success.  The child needs to rest but won’t if I am not next to him….I will play the game only today as he is teething and in a very grumpy mood.  I am blogging only because I cannot vacuum at this time.

So getting back to my thoughts regarding cosmetic surgery.  After 4 c-sections (not elective) I’m really not keen to go under the knife, I love those reality Extreme make over shows, but to purposely go out and do that for myself I don’t really know how to do that.   I don’t have 6 weeks post surgery to struggle through.  Now if I had an ‘Alice’ it would be a different story, but because I am the life co-ordinator here I can’t see myself being able to take the time out to have such a surgery and its definitely out of the question until Jaden is older anyway.   He is a clingy child and I know that it would be incredibly difficult for Dion if I was out of action for the length of time needed to get back to doing all the things I do.  In saying all of this I know I will have to do something about my tummy.  I definitely want to do something about my tummy as the idea of getting to 40 and not having it dealt with really annoys me.

After looking in the mirror this morning, it seems that I also need to target a few other areas of needed change and tightening up.  I am thinking I saw a few grey hairs but because I can’t see very well, I  am unsure if they really are grey or not – so I am not allowing myself to get upset at this moment. Maybe I need some type of drink – Is this the first grey hair?   After October I will have 3 years till I am 40, and I really don’t want to get to 40 and still feel the way I do now.   So I really need to put a plan into action and stop self sabotaging myself and making excuses of course.   I have the head knowledge, I just have to put it into action…

So the line is being drawn in the sand.    This week I am planning to go walking 3 times  – in fact I am putting my plan of walking down at Golden Beach in my calendar right this moment.   I am not going to stress about next week – just this week.  My plan for this week is that I am going to go three times and I am sure that Jaden is going to enjoy it.   Walking for exercise is a great idea, but I have also always found walking a great stress relief AND walking for me means that I come up with brilliant ideas…my only issue with walking is that I usually forget many of my great ideas because I don’t have anything to write them down and you don’t want to be stopping and starting all of the time.  Maybe I need some type of dictaphone or something that I can just speak my idea into….Of course if I get one I will probably not come up with any of my great ideas.  What do we call that – Ironic?!

I started this post off with the topic of cosmetic surgery, and I am ending my blog post with my goal for the week. Cosmetic surgery is about bettering oneself, and so if I want to better myself – inside and out, I need to put some time into myself. I need to think health and vitality and judge everything I do against those two words.   At the end of the day, I feel and think that I am just as important as everyone else in my family to invest time into. Ok, bring on Monday!

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