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Secret: I would love to live on the Gold Coast!

I know that many people hate the Gold Coast for many reasons, but I am going to defy all contary beliefs and tell you all my secret – I love the Gold Coast, and I would love to live down there.  What is it about the Gold Coast that I love.   Well its simple – I just do!  I love going on holidays, the Gold Coast Council has made the beach front areas a destination for families to enjoy.  You just have to look at Southport.



Don’t get me wrong, i love the Sunshine Coast, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to do really.   I love the beaches up here, and I love the relaxed lifestyle…but we just don’t have the attractions.  You seriously can’t call Underwater World a day to be enjoyed by all…the last time we went to Underwater world we went through in about 22 minutes and we looked at everything, and that included the Seal Show.  The Gold Coast does things in style…and because of this I would like to think that the job market is a lot bigger down there than up on the Sunshine Coast.   Tourism is a major part of the fabric of the Gold Coast and as a result it opens up a bigger job market.

One day I would love to pack up and move down to the Gold Coast. I am not really sure what area of the Gold Coast, but I love the idea of getting a job at SeaWorld.  I am sure there would be some better job opportunities for my hubby, but at this moment he doesn’t feel that its the right time to leave the Sunshine Coast.   He likes his job here and yes there are many positives to being on the Sunshine Coast, but I would really like to live somewhere like the Gold Coast.

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