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As the days go by…!

This week has come and gone so quickly.  Amy went to camp and came home, Monday came and went and now its Thursday night and I am contemplating what needs to be done tomorrow.  Its not a matter of what should I do? Its more a case that I am wondering which jobs are absolutely necessary and which ones can I get away with not doing.  I do have a list on the table that I will look at in the morning – I feel half way organised just because I have a list.

How do you get organised?   I have a list that I then put into my phone calendar and this gives me reminders.   I think to improve this situation I need to have a large boxed calendar on my fridge…I don’t feel like I have enough information at my disposal….I think to get organised you need to have all your information on one big calendar with information about each item.    Afterall, isn’t half the battle having to get the right information to do the job – information such as addresses or phone numbers to make an arrangement or an appointment.

Take for instance this week, I needed to call the doctor to get a new prescription for Amy’s methotrexate tablets and so because I know our GP’s phone number off by heart it was simple, but I found out that he was going on holidays and had no appointments available, so I could make an appointment with one of the other doctors, but because the other doctors in the surgery don’t know or probably understand Amy’s situation, I didn’t want to make the appointment and then feel like I had to fight my way into getting the prescription – I have had this problem before with one particular doctor at the surgery.   Instead of making an appointment I told Gabrielle (the receptionist) that I would call the hospital and see if they could send me a script.  If I need an appointment I will make it for early next week.

Now i know the name of the Paediatric Rheumatologist Doctor Amy is under and for some reason I could not find the right Royal Children’s hospital number…I even googled it, and then I thought I would google the actual doctors name and found him and found contact details so I emailed him so that he could respond as it suited.    He replied back today with information regarding the correct number at the Royal Children’s hospital so I will call tomorrow to ask for a new prescription despite the fact that he said that I could go through our GP, but because our GP isn’t available, I will be able to deal with getting a new prescription through the registrar.   So what seemed like an easy job, ended up being a job that took some time, and it hasn’t finished yet. Tomorrow is another day!

There are so many things that us mums have to do.  It doesn’t matter whether you work outside the home or not – your  busy when your a mum.  I get really annoyed when some mums who also have jobs say things about stay at home mums having alot of time for themselves.    I wish it were true, but the reality is that if your not doing something for someone else in the family your definitely thinking about who is the next priority and its all time consuming.

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