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Before I die, I want to…

I found this concept amazing.  After a significant person in Candy Chang’s life passed away in 2009, she began wondering what the meaning of life was.   She wanted to do something a little bit out there in her community that would bring people together, and so this campaign started.   Chang got permission to cover the front wall of an abandened home in New Orleans with blackboards, and she painted at the top the words “BEFORE I DIE, I WANT TOO…. “.     People from all over the city of New Orleans congregated and left messages all over the board.  Some funny, some significant and some serious….

Across America and now across the world, these opportunities for people to connect with one another are being organised.

The video made mention of Australia being one of these places who have asked for a kit, but until I saw this video I had not seen anything here to say we have one…maybe its in Sydney or Melbourne?
Many of us don’t know our neighbours, let alone the faces we see on a regular bases at our work place, our schools, our shopping centres.   We know of these people, but we don’t connect.   I know of a few public toilets with names of people and a few direct insults, but nothing that brings people to a place of real connection.

I wonder what people across Caloundra would write on such a wall!   What would you write?  I think I would have about 10 things I would write on a wall like this.   I don’t want to seem greedy, so I will just put 3. Each one as important as the other. If we had a wall like this, would you stop and read it?  I know I would!

Before I die, I want to…

1.  See my Children grow up, marry and have children.

2.  I would like to see my grand children marry and maybe have children.

3.  I would like to write a book and be published.

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