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Coffee with a good friend

On Saturday night I took some time out with a friend – we met up at Mooloolaba and hobbled up to Gloria Jeans to kick back and chat.  I have a huge blister on the bottom of my foot, but I was absolutely determined to have a fun night.  There is no way I am going to allow a sore blister to get in the way of friendship and hot chocolate!  🙂

Mooloolaba is spectacular during the day, and when you get to walk down the pathway next to the ocean where the sun hits the surface of the water, you know that your in paradise.  The night life of Mooloolaba is also fantastic, and now as we head into Summer Mooloolaba is looking very attractive as a hang out point.

As a resident of the Sunshine Coast, I am one of those guilty mums who takes the beach for granted.   I need to remind myself that people pay a fortune for accommodation to stay on the Sunshine Coast.   Mooloolaba is only one piece of the paradise that this Sunshine Coast area offers.   As Spring and Summer are now starting, its time to start putting some dates in the calendar so that we can enjoy the holiday destination that we are so fortunate to live in.

My mum always talks about having a ‘holi’ day with the kids.   She is like an excited kid living by the beach in her cubby house.   Mum has a cubby house, that is, an ‘on site’ van in a popular Caloundra Caravan Park.  She takes the kids on the bus and over the Summer holidays we have a ball using the pool at the Caravan park.   It really is like having a ‘holi’day when you hang out at the caravan park.

I started this post off with the title ‘Coffee with a good friend’ and somehow I have gotten a little side tracked, so yes on Saturday night we caught up at Gloria Jeans, and as the ocean lapped the shore, and the stretch limo’s and taxi’s drove past us, we chatted for hours about everything that came to mind.  It reminded me of the freedom I had when I was single and shared a house with my friends, we would spend many a time hanging at the coffee club until it closed.   That was before Gloria Jeans moved in to town and the face of Mooloolaba became a bit more glitzy and glam.

So Saturday night I had a great night chatting to a relatively new friend as though we have been friends all of our lives. It was so much fun.  We were like two young adults with no responsibility staying out late.   SUCH FUN!!!   Is Tammy a kindred spirit….yes – I do believe she is!

When I am looking at friendships I look for those forever friends, the kindred spirits of this world and you Miss Tammy are one of those – welcome to the club!  🙂

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