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Let Loose Fashion and Bling!

The ‘Let Loose Fashion and Bling’ store, is situated between Joybells Card and Gift Store, and the health store, on the main street in Caloundra.  Over the Christmas Holidays, the store  began a new life.  New owners moved in and gave Let Loose, a brand new slick of paint, and a new sense of life.  Against this new backdrop is a range of gorgeous women’s clothing, jewellery and shoes.    A few weeks ago, the new owners reopened the doors to the fresh new store, so I went along for a look and I must say that I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also over the moon.

The staff at Let Loose are great, they slip into the role of a true friend and direct you to the styles of clothes that are more likely to suit you,  they are also willing to spend time teaching their clients how best to wear their pieces.  When I was there, I was taught how to layer pieces to get my desired look – something I had never really done before!   I felt like a million dollars as I walked out the door with my Let Loose store bag.  I will definitely go back to Let Loose Fashion and Bling, and I would like to invite you to go and visit, as you will definitely be well worth your time and effort.

If you are a regular reader to this blog, you will know that I hate shopping for clothes for myself.  I find it really difficult to find clothes I like, and I was certain that designers and manufacturers refused to make clothes for my body shape.  When I usually go shopping for clothes, I look for clothes I can wear – not necessary love.

Let Loose Fashion and Bling, is a store I can get excited about. I love that Let Loose Fashion and Bling have clothes that will suit larger sizes, and also cater to those lucky women who can wear anything.   I will still shop at Let Loose, when I get to my desired size.

Let Loose

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