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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    A Mum’s life is never boring. A Mum’s life is a life of love, and lots of laundry. I love being a mum, and there are so many facets of motherhood that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m not so keen on the ‘CEO of household duties‘ part of my life, but most Mums don’t have maids or housekeepers to come in and breeze through our homes with spray and wipe, and clean up after us all. It would be nice to have more time to just ‘be and play’ with our kids more often, plan and take adventures, and not have to make time to get the jobs done. The reality…

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    Mothers Day. A Day for Mums. A Day for Me.

    Mothers day 2014, was a good day. My day started out rather strangely.  I woke up to Jaden sitting on my face.  He lost his balance when he bounced on my bed.    Thank God I don’t sleep on my back – it could have been more awkward than it was.   It wasn’t the gentle wake up I was hoping for this mothers day, but it still turned out to be a nice day. I had told hubby to save our money this year.   I don’t really need anything,  and I have started decluttering our home again – so while gifts are nice and do play a part in…

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    Let Loose Fashion and Bling!

    The ‘Let Loose Fashion and Bling’ store, is situated between Joybells Card and Gift Store, and the health store, on the main street in Caloundra.  Over the Christmas Holidays, the store  began a new life.  New owners moved in and gave Let Loose, a brand new slick of paint, and a new sense of life.  Against this new backdrop is a range of gorgeous women’s clothing, jewellery and shoes.    A few weeks ago, the new owners reopened the doors to the fresh new store, so I went along for a look and I must say that I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also over the moon. The staff at…

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    A Beautiful Gift

    http://www.joybells.com.au Recently a very lovely friend of mine gave me a gift!   Its a gift that I have to admit that I had never heard of before, and when I had opened it I was surprised and thrilled. I bet your wondering what my gorgeous little gift is?  Well I will show you! It’s a Spongelle! I have used this gorgeous gift every time I have showered for the last 12 days, and its still going strong. The Spongelle is a beautiful bodywash infused buffer or sponge. This one is known as the Hot Spice Ginger Infusion, and lets just say that I feel fantastic getting out of the shower. This ‘Hot Spice…

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