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Womens Lifestyle Expo

September 14 and 15 2012

As you can see I am a little late posting about this fantastic event.   I have been processing  what I would like to say about this event as I really wanted to give the women’s expo the praise that it deserved.    Let me tell you – IT WAS FANTASTIC!

Now, if you know me – you know that I Looooove womens expo’s. I love kids expo’s and markets, I love Work at Home Mums showing off their wares, I love hearing about women who started with nothing and have worked their business into a massive empire!  Women who are inspired to go into business and fulfill a dream – Women with drive are Amazing!!!

As I wandered and weaved through the maze of excited women selling their wares and their concept I felt really encouraged.   Women are incredible passionate beings.

Since the expo I have heard many different women from all walks of life sharing their expo experience.  Many said that the work shops were amazing and they felt encouraged, inspired, educated and renewed!   I was unfortunately unable to go to any of the workshops this year, but I have bought a couple of books that I am really excited about getting in and reading.

ImageThe web address for the expo is

With the success of three expo’s under their belt, the team for the Women’s Lifestyle Expo would love to hear from you….maybe next year, you would like to be apart of the event?   If so, head to

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