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Do you have to put everything on line?

Well we all know the Kardashian family will do anything for a dollar!    I just wonder what they won’t do?   The Aussie site has published a photo of Kourtney Kardashian, legs in stirrups, literally pulling her baby daughter out.   Is this too much information?  Do we need to see every aspect of their lives?   Are they able to keep some things in their lives private?    I get that some people don’t care how many people are in the room while they give birth….but having people all over the globe watching on television and seeing your birth photos is just a bit wierd.

Well that’s my opinion!

Am I just a prude?  Tell me if you had a room full of people when you gave birth to your kids, did you take video and send it around the family?   Do you find it a personal and private moment in the life of your family?    Tell me what you think about this photo?


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