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The Quest has begun

The quest for ultimate health has started…you should see some of the things I am googling and looking up on Pinterest!  There is so much information out on the internet that you can change your life and turn it upside down all by yourself these days if you have any will power at all?  The other part of this is that there is no excuse for us to not know how to find information.  How is your will power levels going?

Well for me personally I wanted to start the process of looking at the types of foods I have been accustomed to eating because I am sure there are a number of foods that I should probably stop or avoid eating.


Its probably a good idea to get back to basics and avoid as many carbs as possible…Carbs tend to convert to sugar from what I am reading and this isn’t a good thing if your trying to limit your intake of sugar.

Sugar should be considered bad to anyone’s diet!  Sugar is NOT your friend!!  It will entice you and flirt with you – but really its a toxic element to our health…


Reducing sugar will help weight loss…but we need to understand how to read the nutritional information on the side of the food packet…


and remember to look at what the portion size states!

So if we don’t understand the power of carbs…then we aren’t going anywhere but bigger!


Legumes, Beans and Lentils do NOT entice me…they have no flirtation power on me at all…but they are good for us so if I am going for that all over skinny healthy girl glow I really have to deal with my dislikes and remember the food is about nutrition and giving my body the energy it needs… its just a meal… is there any other expectation on it than that?

Anyway, now that I have done all this research I need to put it into some action.   The challenge has been set and I am just about ready….tomorrow I am going to plan some meal choices based on the my new understandings and then guess what it will then come down to portion control!  and EXERCISE!    I am so trying to not think of exercise as a swearword – I don’t mind walking…so if I want to go without the baby and pram I need to do it early mornings…

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