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A Big Day…and Surprise Visitors!

I knew last night as I went to bed that today was going to be a huge day.  A day full of things to do – not just todays jobs –  but many of yesterdays as we weren’t home for too long to do any!  Dion was off with the boys – guys from work to attend the annual Blackboard conference on the Gold Coast and he was leaving 3pm.  This year it is being held at the Bond University – Monday through to Wednesday of ‘Geek Speak’!

So to help Dion pack – I ironed shirts and while I was there I ironed a few more so that I didn’t have to do any for when he arrived home!   Not sure if you know the extent of my ‘dislike’ for ironing…but the point is that these conferences are networking opportunities…you never know who your going to meet at one of these things so its worth having an ironed shirt and a decent pair of pants!

Dion was heading off at 3pm and I was expecting Bethy home from a fun run she went to in Brisbane with her cousins and Aunt for the Spina Bifida Association..apparently they have an annual fun run/walk and then some activities with the ‘Life be in it!’ crew…Bethy is our little adrenalin junkie so she had a great time.  They ended up walking about 5 kms all up because J wanted to keep going…. poor Bethy because J is in a wheelchair!    Because it was so far T put J on Bethy’s lap and went as far as they could like that so that Beps could have a rest.

When Treena and the kids got back, we let the kids play out the back for awhile…we were chatting and supervising –  and unexpectantly mum’s twin brother and his wife popped in – so great to see them!  We have all been wanting to catch up for some time…but we have all been incredibly busy – so we haven’t done anything.  So it was great to have a catch up with them – Its always the way when you haven’t had time to wash the floor – somebody drops in!  Argh – but the reality is that if you can keep people from looking down, they probably won’t realise you haven’t done the floor!  🙂

I should have known, but life happens along the way and it wasn’t as if I was just kicking back all week end – I have been busy…have I mentioned I have four kids!  The place isn’t a right off – its just not what I want it to be, i.e., display home worthy!

So i busily ironed a few shirts for him to go down to the conference.  I had also sorted out washing, a couple of bags of clothes and helped Dion finish packing.

While I ironed – Dion put the fort and swings up in the back yard.   I was proud of the way Dion got into his jobs and got it done…I think Jaden thinks the swings are his as he is incredibly bossy with the girls – he doesn’t want them to play on the swings.

Anyway, it was wonderful to have time to just chat with people I really love.   I can’t wait to catch up with my cousins.     We have now organised a catch up at the Samford Hotel for the 29th September, so it will be fun to catch up.

After Michael and Marisa had left, my sister in law stayed on for some time and because the kids and I get take out for the first night Dion is away, we decided to all go out for dinner – it was dinner, not rave worthy at all!  Some nights you have to just think big and deal with what needs dealing with.    I was thrilled that coming home was going to be about putting the kids to bed so that I could have time with my computer relaxing!  🙂

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