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The Lisa Curry Program

Lisa Curry

“Be the best version of yourself and take back control of your health & happiness”

Today I am recommending a weightless and exercise program.  I am one of those crazy people who has to tell the world when I have found something awesome – something really great – and something that really works.

Today is a shout out to the Lisa Curry Program (  I don’t normally shout out numbers like this – but I have to say that I am impressed with myself, because as of today I have lost 10.2 kg.  I know!!!   This is pretty cool for someone without a thyroid!!!

I have a couple of worthwhile reasons for why I want to lose weight, and I think that this has been a huge factor in terms of my ‘so far’ success – I might still have a few kg’s to go, but I feel like I am in charge, rather than weight issues being in charge.

So here are my top three reasons for getting fit and losing weight!

1.  In a while, I need to have surgery and I want to be in the best shape as possible before the surgery – for the best uncomplicated results.

2. I want to feel great, and I know the benefits of weight loss is having the ability to keep up with the kids and their needs, and

3. Its our 20 year school reunion this year!   I know – I am THAT old!    My goal isn’t to sparkle and dazzle, it’s to go and feel good in myself.   The first reunion, I was 4 months pregnant with Bethany, our second child and while it was enjoyable – I was pregnant!   🙂

So here I am 10.2 kg down, and while my next little goal is to lose another 5, I am celebrating the little goals along the way!

Its school holidays here and its raining so I had better get back to our plan for the day.  The weather is making the kids a little crazy.   Today we are doing bedroom make overs – only using what we have and recycled items we have found either online, second hand stores, or the recycling shop.   Its a great feeling having the energy to keep up with the kids.

Anyway, better get back to it! xo




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