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The Wise Words of Dave Rafter


On ‘Packed to the Rafters’ this week, Dave narrated the story line.    He talked about trying to match their head with their heart with regard to one of the hardest decisions he and Julie would have to make in their lives.   They had rationally and logically decided to sell their family home.  They desired to live in this home until they were old, but their plans were to take a different course when they realised Ted, Julie’s dad, had accidently spent his life savings while playing an internet game.

Ted is an alzheimer’s sufferer, and has reached a point where the Rafter’s have no choice, but to put him into a nursing home.    He was beyond their ability to care for him.  This was the dictating point to the story.   They had reached an inpasse in their journey as Ted’s carers, and were now in a position where they had to make the hard decisions. Whether their hearts and their heads ever matched up was beside the point.  They were forced to make a decision that would change their lives forever, and all they could do was jump on the train and choose to enjoy the ride. Sometimes change can be a bumpy ride for a little while.

Its funny how life works out.  We all have a plan for our family – the perfect plan, and we think that this plan will go perfectly to plan – because obviously, this plan is the best plan.   As parents we want the very best for our kids and we make the decisions accordingly.    Like every family, we have had our ups and downs, Amy is struggling along with her CRMO issues again, and Bethany has a few health concerns with her enlarged glands, Chanel is wheat and lactose free – which, I find difficult to plan for an do, and Jaden is mostly a happy camper, but overall we as a family are happy. However, we are at an impasse in our journey, and I feel the weight of the decision is on my shoulders.   I am terribly conflicted, and I am desperately trying to make my head and heart match up.

Over the course of the days since this weeks Packed to the Rafters aired, I felt that the narration of this weeks Packed to the Rafter’s show was perfect for me – for where I am at in our life as a family.  We may need to make a decision where my head and my heart do not line up.    While the Rafters needed to make their housing situation permanent for the sake of Julie’s dad, I have realised that our decision does not have to be permanent.   At this time in our lives we are not planning to move house or away from the Sunshine Coast (even though I would love to live on the busy Gold Coast for awhile – we won’t be doing that for some years to come, if at all).    If only we had access to a crystal ball to give us some insight into how the future works out.

So tell me readers, how do you align your head and your heart when decision making?  I think I need some advice!

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