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Gold Coast Holiday 2016 – The Q1

Since we last spoke, life got a little busy with end of year school related busyness and then we headed off to the Gold Coast for our family holiday.  We had ten glorious days on the Gold Coast.

I got a brilliant deal at the Q1 via an eBay deal.

I know what your thinking, “You got a great holiday deal on eBay?  That sound crazy!”

Well yes it was crazy – but it was pretty awesome.  I don’t like to brag but when it comes to getting brilliant deals, I must say that I have some amazing skills.

Our 2 bedroom apartment was on the 32nd floor and we had amazing views across the Gold Coast.



We have all agreed that this holiday was one of our very best.   With our youngest now being very close to  six, we are able to do more in our holidays.   When the kids were small it was really difficult to make the most of the many opportunities the Gold Coast has on offer.  Don’t get me wrong I loved when the kids were small and I have times when I miss my little people, but I am really enjoying the stage in life where the kids are a bit older.  I like living in the present!     Now that the kids are older making plans is a little more fun and easier.

The kids feel that Timezone at Surfers is a must do event. I don’t feel the same way for so many reasons, but I do understand their interest in the game centre. Its all bright lights, bling….and bumper cars!

On the Tuesday I took the kids to Australia Fair by tram.   The tram station was right outside the Q1 and it only took 10 minutes to get to Parklands.   We got off a stop too soon and walked up to the Australia Fair shops.   It didn’t take too long, and the exercise was good so it wasn’t a problem.   When we got up to the shops we saw the Trolls movie, which the kids absolutely loved.   Particularly the three who are not yet teenagers.

Love this promo pic for the Trolls movie!  🙂


A few days later we took the tram to Pacific Fair.  We had to get a number of things and we wanted to check out the newly renovated Pacific Fair.   Our short trip went very well.   We used our go cards properly and ventured into the shops.  We found a beautiful fairy on stilts that Chanel wanted to have a photo with so of course I obliged!

We had a wander around, picked up a number of the things on our list of things we needed and headed back to the tram station to venture home to our unit.    Unfortunately, not long before we left it started raining heavily which caused some issues with the tram system so we had to catch a bus home to our unit.   It was a very rough ride.  Due to the numerous amount of people needing to take the bus Jaden, Chanel and Bethy got seats, but Amy, hubby and I stood….actually I stand corrected, we swung off the handles above us and numerous times I nearly tumbled down to meet the people at the back of the bus.  I would have taken a photo but I was too busy trying to NOT slide down the middle of the bus.  I was thinking of making a shirt that said ‘We survived route 705’.  It was quite a funny experience, but a very rough ride.

We decided to take a drive up to Mt Tamborine.  We hadn’t been before so we took a drive up the mountain.  It wasn’t far and so worth the effort involved.   We wandered down Eagle Heights main street and discovered numerous cute little stores.  We went to the Glow worms and did the tour, then we headed to the SkyWalk and enjoyed walking through the tree tops.   It was a lot of fun. Not all the kids enjoyed the SkyWalk, but hubby and I did, and sometimes we have to do a few things that the kids don’t 100% enjoy.  We also checked out the Thunderbird Park.  Thunderbird park is also home to the Treetop Challenge, the Canyon zip line, horse riding trail rides, mini golf and caravan park.  It’s also a beautiful place to get married, camp and have a lot of fun.


Next time we go I would really love to do a tour of Jasmine Organics. They show you how they make their products. Hubby wasn’t thrilled by this idea…not sure why as I think it would be great to show the kids how they make some organic products.

I took the kids to the Surfers Paradise twilight markets (Wednesdays/Fridays/Sundays). I am a fan of wandering through the markets and checking out the trinkets. There is a great atmosphere at Surfers markets.

We decided for the very last morning of our holiday to take the kids for breakfast up to the Skypoint Observation Deck. I personally feel that this experience was one of the best experiences of our time away. The breakfast was great, but the views were absolutely amazing. So very much worth the experience! It was a high light to our holiday.

We have now been home exactly a week and I am missing our unit very much.  I am a huge fan of the Gold Coast and can’t wait to go back down again.   With Christmas just a few days away and hubby returning to work in a few more days,  it will be a while till we can head back down to the Gold Coast.  I know people who think its funny that we tend to holiday down on the Gold Coast all the time, but it really is a great place to spend time.  There is so much to do down there.  It truly is one of my favourite places to holiday!



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