Term 3 and Homeschooling Gameplans

Term three has officially started!

We are about to start week two of the term, and I’m so not ready for Monday morning!

Tafe also started back last week, so I again live in the car. Bep’s hours at work have officially gone up, which is a good thing, but it also means that we (hubby and I) have another ungodly hour to get up to each week with regard to dropping her off at work.

The holidays went far too quickly for my liking. I had numerous things I wanted to accomplish, and if I am going to be honest I only tackled a few of those things on my list.

Homeschooling when you aren’t ready for it, is a big deal. Homeschooling mums have to be on their game! Well, at least fake it till you make it. It’s important to have a basic gameplay in place, and I have personally learned over the years that I always need to have a plan in place.

I can’t homeschool by the seat of my pants. If I don’t plan the workload for each child, we have really bad school days. I am not somebody who finds it easy to think on the spot for that next activity or thing I need to do with the kids school work. Homeschooling only works for us when I game plan.

Every week I write up an expectation list for the kids for the coming days based on what I want or need to get through.

An example of a high school plan and a primary plan.

Nell: Year 9.
eg. Thursday.

Maths: Chapter 5. Questions 2-7.
English: Read Chapter 4 Soul Surfer. Do Todays worksheets. Download resources, and assessment sheet.
History: History Alive. Chapter 6.1. Page ##
Science: Science Quest. Chapter 4.1 Page ##
Art: Continue with current project
P.E: Fit Kids Buderim.
Technology/ICT: BBC learn to type program. Kids pc

Jaden: Yr 4.
eg. Thursday.

Maths: Maths plus year 4 (next page). Also, write out the 4 times tables 5 times. (If you are unable to do the Maths plus book on your own, go straight to writing out the tables).
English: Reading 2 chapters of your book.
Write out your sight words 3 times. Testing tomorrow.
Write a sentence with each sight word.
RIC Book – We do this together.
Science: Watch ‘Scope’. channel 10.
Watch Science Max. Youtube
SOSE: Will do this together. Think about what Country you want to know more about?
PE: Jujitsu 10.30.

Home ec: Help mum with cooking dinner.
Art: Won’t have time today to do art. Will look at this for next week. Do you have an art idea you would like to do?
Technology/ICT: BBC learn to type program. Kids pc.

If I am going to be honest, I do get a little bit jealous from time to time of those mums who drop their kids off at the school gate or classroom, and then run to coffee with other mums, or get to go home to the blissful silence to get things done around the house, or have a chance of uninterrupted time on personal projects. I am very aware that our homeschooling lifestyle is for a season, and will come to an end at some point (plans are being talked about). I’ll miss homeschooling when we go back to school life when this adventure ends, but I am also excited for new seasons that are coming.

Until that time, we are here at the kitchen table homeschooling. Working through our daily game plan of learning. Some of its very interesting, I especially enjoy the high school english program! I am very happy that Nell can mostly do the other subjects on her own now, I just have to check in with where she is at and make sure she has done what is expected of her. She does need help today with math (linear graphs), and Jaden’s math today is about learning the 7 times tables and some division work (and other subjects), so I had better get on with it. All I will say is this. Homeschooling is a great option on so many levels. There are negatives to homeschooling for mums from the point of restricting possible income into the household, and there’s not a lot of time to do things I am personally interested in doing for myself, but I still believe that the positives out way the negatives.

I am learning that it is vital for a mums long term survival goal in the homeschooling world to take time out for herself. Self care is vital. Over the last so many months with everyone, including hubby, home because of covid restrictions, there hasn’t been a lot of time for self care, and I have felt the impact of that, but I will say that despite our world kicking back into gear with Tafe starting up again, and Beps working another shift each week, I am determined to make sure I schedule time into my day for some time on my own. I know what I need to replenish my soul, and I’m learning to be more vocal about about what I need when I need it.

Everyone has a busy and crazy life, what is something you like to do to replenish your soul when you have given out so much to your family. I really love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Chat soon,

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