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Sports Carnival vs Much needed Mummy time!

Today Bethy and Chanel had their sports day at school,  I usually go to all sports carnivals, but when mum offered to have Jaden for the day I felt that I really needed to jump at the opportunity for  a day off.   When I say a day off, I mean I really wanted time to do a few things on my personal list.

Today the kids were supposed to learn how to Zumba at fit4life, but unfortunately Freya changed the plan and they instead played ball games in the tennis courts.  Last week I heard that the kids were going to do Zumba so we have been talking about it on and off over the course of the week, so when we got to Fit4life today and found that Freya had changed her plans the kids were incredibly disappointed.   We are a little frustrated that Freya changes the plan, but the girls did enjoy running around the tennis court.   I am wondering if I should talk to Freya about the kids enthusiasm and if she wants the kids to want to keep coming, then having an idea of what is going to happen is important – especially to the kids.   I don’t know about other kids, but my kids like to know upfront what the plan for the day is, so the idea of structure with regards to the fit4life program would be a good idea.  However, in saying this, it is possible that Freya decides on the day because she is trying to cater to a number of age groups.   It must be tricky for Freya not really knowing how many kids might come, so you can understand why she may feel that making a strict schedule is not a good idea. I keep reminding the kids that the whole idea of the fit4life program is the scheduled exercise – it doesn’t really matter what it is.

Now, I have to say that I do feel a little guilty about not going to the sports carnival,  but I really needed a day like this, I raced around to do the basics in terms of cleaning up and school lunches so that I could spend a little time updating my computer, so although I feel that the day has flown by far too quickly, I feel like I have accomplished something on my list….well one of my lists…

I am with Jaden 7 days a week, so it is good to have a break.  Now that my brothers and their wives have little ones, I don’t have mum on tap (when I say on tap I mean that she isn’t as available these days, but I have never just dumped the kids on her too look after when ever possible – she just isn’t has free/available as she was when it was just me who had kids).   I want mum to enjoy all of her grandchildren – all 6 of them, so its a balancing act – I don’t want to pass him over every time mum is on the coast, but I do ask her to look after him on a tuesday afternoon so that I can take the girls to fit4life.  It means that I can arrive at the Crown Plaza Resort (Fit4life is at the Crown Plaza in Pelican Waters) looking a little  a more refined, rather than a crazy mother of 4 trying to get everyone to their program.

I wasn’t able to get photos of the kids doing Zumba today, but a friend of mine sent me through a photo of Chanel doing ‘grade 1 hurdles’ at the carnival today…..

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