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The mummy List!

Tonight for some reason I have about 10 things on my mind and I am having an issue with what I should be writing about, but I do know that I want to write about something… here it is – the list of whats on my mind.


So here I am trying to live with purpose and not live reactively and I find myself with a huge list of things I need to do.   Some of them important, some of them not so important – but none the less needing to be done.

1.  Amy is going to camp next week and she is nervous about going to camp.   I too am nervous about her going to camp – more so for her, but this the first time she has been away from me.  Today I paid for her to go and I checked to make sure that if we have any CRMO issues over the next week, we are able to pull out of camp and transfer the monies paid for camp to go to our school fees.   I don’t think we will have an issue, but I want to be prepared for the possibility considering she is very nervous and I know that stress affects her.  I have to admit that I am nervous for her…she has only ever had one sleep over, so this is going to be interesting.  I hope Ames teacher is prepared as I know there are a number of kids in her class who haven’t done many or any sleepovers, oh and I need to remember to get Amy’s megafol organised.

2.  I need to start the process of helping Amy pack for camp.  I think I need to go and look for a few things – she is a bit low on clothes – but she is also hard to buy for.

3.  We have to go to the school working bee on Saturday.

4.  I have booked Chanel into see a naturopath who focus’ on food sensitivity testing, on monday – its going to cost $130 and I feel a little apprehensive about what we will find out….excited to know why she is having pain in her tummy, but apprehensive.

5.  I have to pick up my new sunglasses from the optometrist – I got the ‘come and pick up’ call today.

6.  The girls (Beps and Chanel) have their sports carnival tomorrow from 10 am to 12:30pm

7.  I need some time to just plan and do a few things for me – catch up with some of the mum friends from school, get my hair trimmed, use my galvanic spa, go for a walk, get my eye brows shaped/reshaped, see the dentist…, make myself a doctor appointment, prioritise writing time – just to name a few things.   If I just make the appointments necessary I will be able to just get them done….more things to cross off the list.

8. The girls have fit4life tomorrow afternoon after school.

9.  I have to remember to pick up Chels from school on wednesday.

10.  How are we going to improve our front yard?   We need to give our home some street appeal as its a bit blah at the moment.  We also have a few improvements we need to do on the back of the house to pull the vision together.

11.  Make time to do the Tax!

12.  Put dvd series on ebay or gumtree

13.  I need to call dr at the hospital to get another prescription for Amy’s metholtrexate tablets.

14.  Book the car into be serviced.

Ok, so there are 14 biggish things on my mind….I need to spend an hour tomorrow and just plan a few of these things out and put them into the calendar so that I can have proper reminders.

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