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The week that came and went….

Well this week has been a great week, and a very busy week.  The week started with birthdays,Wet’n Wild, a student free day,  the normal school week, organising a family barbeque for tomorrow for 15 people, and secretly interviewing child care centres.  Jaden needs some structure and playtime with other little boys, and I need a little space, and the ability to do a grocery shop without Jaden throwing items out of the trolley.   He really is a grocery store nightmare.    You may laugh, but I spend more time in the shopping centre trying to grab things that he has either thrown out or is about to throw out.   Fun – it is not!     If Jaden is at childcare having fun, I may just get a chance to do a few things for myself, improve and or write in my blog, spend some time putting pen and paper together on a few other ideas and projects I am interested in starting, but haven’t been able to because Jaden wants my constant attention.  He should have my attention, but it can be a little frustrating when you have lots of things you want to put your hand too.

I say that I am interviewing child care centres as I want to know what the workers are like from the point of a surprise visit.   I don’t want them to know I am coming in to check them out.  I like the idea of surpising the workers as I want to know what they are doing on the hop.   I want to know that Jaden is going to be treated well and looked after and I want to see how the normal day to day runnings of the child care centre.

So far I have secretly interviewed two centres.  There is a third centre but I am thinking that I would be thrilled to get Jaden into the second centre I have just seen.   Its lovely.  I want the time I have with Jaden to be fun and adventurous.   He is my last baby and I want the best of both worlds –  Time to get jobs and projects underway and then I also want time to enjoy with Jaden, while the kids are at school.  I want time to take him for a walk at the beach, play in the water, go to the pool, play in the sand, basically we want to explore the coast.   At this moment in time I find that because I don’t have time to get jobs done and projects underway – I have issues with not feeling like I get anything completed and this drives me crazy.  I know that this feeling has a huge impact on Jaden and I really hate that.  I don’t want him to grow up feeling like he wasn’t wanted or planned for – because he definitely was wanted and  definitely planned for.

I would love to hear from others in terms of how they work around the kids, get jobs done and still have the kids feel loved and played with?     Some people look as though they do it all with such ease…meanwhile I feel like I just muddle through.   I look at my day in 4 shifts – the first shift of the day is the get ready for school and have breakfast shift, the second shift is dropping the kids to school and getting housework done, make lunches for the next day, prepare for dinner and entertain Jaden time, the third shift is afternoon tea, homework, prepare for dinner and bath time,  and the last shift of the day is getting the kids organised for bed and finishing anything else that doesn’t get done during the day.

On thursday I spoke at a mums in business group about how blogging can help in small business.  It was only 10 minutes, but I was very  nervous as I have never done anything like this before.   It went very well, and even though I was nervous I actually enjoyed the experience.  I am unsure if I would like to do that again, but I got through it and my preparations paid off.

Yesterday was Saturday.  Party day.  We had a family bbq at our home and if you ask me – it was a great success and it makes me think that our renovations so far are a success and are definitely conducive to outdoor living as well as outdoor family life.   Its exciting to think that summer is around the corner and we can do a whole lot of living outdoors.   Doesn’t outdoor living sound so healthy?    I think it does anyway!!

I ended the week on a fantastic note.  Not only a successful family bbq – I got to spend some time up at Mooloolaba with a friend of mine  chatting about all types of things…even psychodelic souls!

Thought I would leave you today with another fun little image I found on pinterest.  It tickled the mischievious tickle bone!

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