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Looking for some good luck – anyone seen it?

I am not exactly sure why I dislike Nambour, but I do!   There are a few good op shops up there, but overall, its a hot and stinky little town.   Sorry if you live in Nambour – not trying to offend you – particularly if you like it or love it – everyone has an opinion – and I am not a fan of Nambour.    Now, I am sure that you are probably wanting to ask me why I had to go to Nambour – especially since I am not a fan?    Well, Dion’s little red car broke down up there and I had to go and rescue him late yesterday evening.      He was on his way home from the Nambour Hospital –  he had visited his unwell Grandma, when something went wrong with our little red car.   We love this little car, but something about the alternator is not happy – according to Dion.    Unfortunately, Dion’s good deed in visiting his little old 90 year old Grandma did not earn enough brownie points for his car to get sick in Caloundra, rather than Nambour  – or at all.   The very sad part of the story is that we only paid $1200 for a service on the car less than a month ago – so we are hoping that the mechanic has some mercy on us and doesn’t charge us too much to fix this little beauty.

So today I was Dion’s chauffeur – dropping him to work and then picking him up later this evening.   I had hoped that he had organised what to do about his car through the day, but he jumped into our big family car and got on the phone to call the RACQ to organise a tow truck to come and pick up the little red car and bring it too our local Ultra Tune mechanic – the guy we just recently paid $1200.

We had to wait for an hour and a half for the tow truck to come, and then for the grand price of $95, Dion got a ride in the tow truck back to Caloundra.   Dion says, he wishes he could be excited to get a ride in a tow truck, but it really wasn’t all that special….despite the flash lights on the outside of the truck.    Jaden was pretty excited to see the truck in its lit up glory.   So the kids and I drove back to Caloundra talking about what we would do with the $70 million dollars we didn’t end up winning last night.    Obviously winning the lottery is a long shot – but like the saying goes – you have to be in it, to win it!!!

So this week feels like the week of bad luck.      Our car broke down.   It broke down in Nambour.  We now  have to spend money getting it fixed, we had to shell out money to get the car to Caloundra – $95 to be exact!  Dion had an unsatisfying trip in a tow truck,  I will now be chaffeuring Dion to work and home till the little red car is fixed,  I forgot to mention that I have somehow hurt my back, and we didn’t win the lottery.    Tomorrow is Thursday, so I am hoping that the week turns a corner and we start having a better week.   I am catching up with friends tomorrow at Gloria’s place so I am excited about that  – fingers crossed they can come as I think I’ll be a bit bummed if they can’t..

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