2017,  Taking Stock

Taking Stock – March 2017

What happened to March?   Life is going far too quickly, and while I do feel we are achieving some of our goals there are a number of things we haven’t yet started.  We have just finished our first school term for 2017, and I must say that I am thrilled to now be on school holidays.   We have worked hard and now we are rewarded with time off!

Feeling:  okay!  I’m thankful for health, love and good people in my life.  Blessed!

Making:   My favourite rainy weather dinner is spaghetti Bol.   Yum!

Buying:  A few clothes for the kids.   They keep growing!

Drinking: Soda water and lemon

Eating:  Salsa chicken with salad

Reading: ‘Born for This’ by Chris Guillebeau,  ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ by Chris Guillebeau, and ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking.  I’m fascinated by the Norwegian culture !

Laughing: At Tim Hawkins – Comedian.  He is quite clever and funny!

Enjoying:  Reading Harry Potter with the kids.  We are up to ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.  After years of resisting I have to say that J.K Rowlings words literally jump off the page.   I would so love to be able to write as well as J.K. Rowling.

Wearing:   jeans!   I love jeans !!  🙂

Remembering:   A time in my life when I was 20 and moving to the Sunshine Coast.  Living with my beautiful friend Toni who has now been gone 8 years, and living with my beautiful friends Kathryn and Tina.  I really miss those days.   While Keys lives on the Coast still, Tina now lives abroad with her husband and kids doing some amazing work.

Thinking:  As sad as it sounds….I have been thinking about death.  A beautiful soul passed last week and we celebrated her life yesterday.   If a funeral can be beautiful, Rachel’s was – but it also makes me think about my own life.    Christian’s have this certainty about where they are going after death, and while yes that in itself is comforting, it’s also thought provoking and gives me a sense of urgency to make sure my life is right with God.

Wishing:  I don’t really wish for anything at this time.  I’m pretty content with where we are in our life.

Wondering: How long it will take for Cyclone Debbie to pass.    Schools have all closed for the day.   Apparently its supposed to be a little scary this afternoon, but I’m just enjoying the cooler weather with my family.   🙂

Knowing: Life is short.  We only have today and while we can make plans for the future.

Opening:   The diary to work out some holiday ideas for the kids to get them motivated and happy.  I’m so excited to now be on school holidays!   Yay!!!

Sharing:   Everything in our house gets shared.   My grandmother used to say ‘You can share a cherry’, and so we use this principle in our home.

Bookmarking:   Recipes,  interesting articles on hypothyroidism and blogging.

Looking: For birthday present ideas for Bethy.   She’s 13 next week and at this moment I have NO idea what to get her.   Praying for some great ideas!

Admiring:    People who can sing in tune and or play the guitar.

Listening:  I created a Spotify playlist I’ve been listening too.   Lots of different artists!  I am also listening  a number of podcasts – Straight and Curly, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Side Hustle, Let it Be, More than the Music, just to name a few!

Liking: Getting through my super long to-do list.  Kids are happy chilling out today.   We will be playing a few Kinect games on the xbox very soon though.  Too much sitting makes kids crazy – makes me crazy too!!

Disliking:   Adulting can be a real drag some days.     I want more play time!

Walking:  Weekly walking with my friend Tammy at Mooloolaba beach.  We have also been having a splash in the water after our walk.  I also walk the other days of the week too.

Hoping:  For good weather on the weekend.  We want to take the kids to Goma in Brisbane – but won’t go down if the weather is still crazy.

Missing:   My friend Toni who died 8 years ago in August, and my dad who did 7 years this year in May.

Loving:  Chilling out with the family.   Hubby has a day off today because the university closed because of the weather.   Its a Hygge (Hoo-gah) kind of day!

Following:  Lots of photography theory, recipe, art and craft pinterest pins of late.    A number of new blogs I have found through Instagram that make me feel happy.

Needing:  The only thing I really need more of in my life is ‘Sarah time’.

Wanting:  To see the new Beauty and the Beast movie with the kids.

Watching: Just finished watching the new ‘Greenleaf’ series.  Oprah is an executive producer.   Hubby and I have now just started watching ‘Designated Survivor’.

Celebrating: Life!

Looking forward to:   Taking the kids to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.  We have been wanting to do this for awhile but haven’t got down yet.  This particular exhibition will close on the 17 April, and its free entry! 🙂

So tell me how was your march through March? What’s the weather like where you are? Do you love sending happy mail and receiving flowers too?


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