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A brand New year – 2023

Happy New Year!

Today is the 17th Day of the year, and I have something to admit.

I still haven’t taken down the Christmas tree. I will, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m thinking I will put it on my goals list for 2023. I know it will be an easy goal to tick off the list, and I am keen to add some really easy goals into the mix so that I can gain some tread, momentum for the year!

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Since coming home from our Coolongatta holiday, we have been busier than I had hoped to be. I had hoped we could bring home our holiday experience, but unfortunately life got back to normal faster than I expected it too. We all want to go back to holiday mode – sadly, holiday mode is a lot more fun than real life. Mum’s Uber service is back in action, and school life starts next week.

I am not ready for school life to go back. Our youngest is in year 7 this year, and while he is cool, calm and collected at the moment, I am waiting for him to ‘have a moment of insanity’ when he realises how different year 7 is to primary school. I know all kids go through a transitional period, but I am someone who believes that year 7 should still be part of the primary school, and high school should start in year 8. This is how it was for me when I transitioned from primary to high school, and I prefer our kids to have that extra year. They are forced to grow up far too quickly.

Our little girl ‘Nell’ is in her final year of high school, and a favourite topic of conversation at home, and with friends is ‘THE FORMAL’. It’s still 11 months away, or three and half terms away, but the topic of conversation is very close to her heart. Nell is a beauty, and she loves looking at formal dresses online. So far she has 6 favourite dresses she is toying with, so I am hoping that when we finally go and look for her dress, she will find one that she will love from the day we find it to the day of her formal and beyond, because at this moment, my main concern regarding her formal is finding THE dress in the next few months, paying for it, and then Nell finds something else she loves more. I also hope she finds and settles on a dress quickly, I don’t want to have the angst of finding a dress a few days before the formal – that would be terrible!

So here we are, three and a half terms away from the end of school life for our Nell – not just a reminder for her, but also a reminder for us all. 2023 is going to go very quickly for us all. Before we know it, we will be preparing for Christmas again before we know it! Maybe I should just leave the jolly Christmas tree up!? Most of us don’t want another year of the same same, and so we need to create some momentum with our goals for the year.

I decided this year I wasn’t going to rush into announcing my goals for the year. I will be, but I wanted to give some thought to the different areas of my life I wanted to improve over the next twelve. I don’t want us to be in the same position we are in now – this time next year. We want to be in a better position this time next year! There is much to be done!

My gut feeling for the coming year is that it is going to be huge on so many levels. It is exciting in one sense, and daunting in another sense. Let’s get organised and get some momentum moving for a big year.

Till Next Time!

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