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Birthday Present Ideas!

Ok, a while back I said to hubby that I would love to own a unit at the Circle on Caville – only $650 K.   Not sure why he scoffed, because we were all talking about what we wanted for our birthdays.   Now I did also say that I wouldn’t mind if I never got another birthday or Christmas present EVER again if I was given this as a gift – if we could own one of these units.   I vaguely remember him saying that he would like that in writing?! 🙂  I am thinking I was being considerate in my thinking!   However, as the months are rolling by and my birthday is nearing I have a little doubt in my mind that the unit at the Gold Coast is going to happen!

The way I see it is that if you are asked the question of what you really want, then you should be able to honestly say what you want – Right? 🙂

I should probably explain to you why I wouldn’t mind having a unit on the Gold Coast for the rest of my birthday and Christmas presents – for EVER!.   First of all, I love it on the Gold Coast and I really love those apartments – particularly because you can walk everywhere – except school, but the other reason is that the idea of having a place where we can escape to as many times as we want through out the year and have quality family time – this means the world to me.   Plus, I could let my brothers and their wives, a few of our Aunts and Uncles and Dion’s sister and kids use it, and it would bring much joy to everyone.    It would be a lifetime or a lifestyle present that I think we would all enjoy.    The added benefit of buying someone (me) a present like this is a brilliant idea as property grows in value….unless its a dive! 🙂

So then if I can’t have a unit on the Gold Coast right now, what else would I like?   Well that’s easy…something that can give me more time in my day – obviously…and it has a remote control!  🙂

Don’t worry hun…I am SURE you will find the right thing just for me!  🙂  wink wink

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