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What did I find at the Caloundra Sunny Coast baby and kids Markets

This morning was market morning at the Caloundra Indoor Sports Centre on North Street.  It was fun to roam the stalls having a look at what was available for sale.   The girls were a little sad that the lady selling the Beanie kids was not there, but I reminded them that it wasn’t possible to have the same people all the time as people are busy.   I am sure at some stage she will be back – fingers crossed! 🙂

So first of all I am going to skyte that I bought a couple of bargains… two pairs of shoes for Jaden – $6, a pair of size 1 swimmers for our little niece Dakota – $1, a gorgeous pillow for $4 (can’t believe they sold that one!).

I know I have mentioned my love of  ‘Mum businesses’.  So I thought I would tell you  about some of the ‘Mum Business’s’ at the markets today!

Crayon Creations – Colouring is fun  

Got Me Pegged

Kiddie Kicks – Soccer for 2 to 5 year olds  (

Milly Lilly Toys and Gifts

Sweet Pop – Cake pops

The Sunny Coast baby and kids markets aren’t all about mum businesses, they are great for people who want to sell their baby big items (cots, prams, activity centres), as well as their toys, and clothes, books, not to mention those odds and ends that fill up a box.

These markets are a great meeting place for mums to either take there families, or go with a friend.  There are coffee and food stalls and a wonderful low-key shopping experience.

The schedule for the Sunny Coast baby and kids markets are for the following….

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