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The youth just don’t understand good food!

Its funny because when I was young, living at home with my family I remember my mum would get really excited when she went grocery shopping and had come home with fruit and vegetables.  Yep!  That’s right I did say it.  My mum would get really excited about buying good fruit and vegetables!  Now, I have to admit it that when I would see mum so happy about her fruit and vegetables I did think that she was nuts.

Now that I am well and truly an adult and I am getting older I have realised that in many ways I am not really a spring chicken.  I have always thought we have eaten considerably well, but after five pregnancies, which played havic with my body, not to mention the 4 c-sections, I realise that its time to up the anti.   I have started to look at my life and ask the hard questions.  I need to get into shape.   I know it, my kids know it, my husband knows it and my family know it.  I am certain my friends know it.

When I was pregnant with Jaden, I was found to have gestational diabetes, so this puts me in the running as I get older to get type 2 Diabetes, which is completely preventable as I understand it.   So while I am at this moment in time I am diabetes free, I want to get my life and weight under control.

I know that diet and exercise go hand in hand, and I know that I have previously spoken about my dislike of the work involved in exercise, but I also know if I don’t do it, I am at risk of diabetes – if not now, down the track; and I just don’t do diabetes.

Anyway, back to my fruit and vegetable story.   As an adolescent I used to feel somewhat embarrassed about my mum being so excited about buying fruit and vegetables.   Today I smiled to myself as I submitted my coles online shopping list as I took the first really big step.  I ordered a fruit, vegetable and salad box.  It sounds funny but its  important to revolutionise the way you shop. Its important to revolutionise the way you eat!  Old habits have to die, so that the new healthy you or me in this instance, can transform.

Mischievious Mum is on a journey and I have this feeling it is going to be an interesting one.   Let me know if you want to also join my journey as its never too late to start.

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