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The Rubber meets the Road…Its time to get serious for 2013!

December 2012 is coming to a close.   In five more sleeps it will be new years eve, and then it will be the 1st of January 2013.    The first of January is symbolic.    It is the day that most people start thinking about what they want for their lives, and what they want to change.   They start to put a goal list together.  Most of us make ‘good intention’ promises to ourselves – the plan is to do better and be better.   We have good intentions, but new plans or new convictions for our lives can not stand up too good intentions.   Unfortunately good intentions are weak and rely on how we feel, rather than the strong conviction that we must take action.  New habits for our lives require some work.   Most of us are weak and do what we feel to do, when we feel like doing it.  We make excuses for why we don’t achieve our goals. Sadly, excuses have been a close friend of mine.   I am guilty of making excuses for myself and unfortunately its not in just one area of my life.


I have been reading Rachael Bermingham’s book, ‘Savvy – Ingredients for Success’. Its the same book (not my copy) that I am going to give away as a prize (the winner will be announced on the 1st of January 2013 at 5pm).  I really want to be the best version of myself.  I want to feel good, like what I reflects back at me in the mirror, be a good wife and parent, be a great friend, and start working on accomplishing a number of things on my ‘want’ to achieve list.


Lets be honest, shall we?  When I became a mum I didn’t make myself a priority.   In fact, I wasn’t even on the priority list.  Everything – time, energy and finances went into the kids, and well, lets just say that I put everyone else first and used my family as my excuse as to why I couldn’t or didn’t do things.    My family became the primary reason for why I breathed.  I used excuse after excuse as to why I couldn’t get out and do the things for myself, or do what I wanted to do.  Exercise was on the list of excuses. Honestly! I am not somebody who likes exercise, but I realise that it is a necessary evil that I am going to learn to enjoy.  Its not about being taught, trim and terrific.  It is about being healthy.   Which in turn will mean a better and fitter body.


What I know for sure is that  2013 is the lifestyle changing year for me and my family.  With Jaden turning two and going to childcare two days a week I am going to sow into my life.  I have already started making healthier choices.   I feel as though I have the chance to improve my life, and it needs to start now.   I am claiming 2013  as my year.     I am not on a diet  (considering the first three letters of the word diet is die), but a lifestyle change.   Lets face it – It is impossible to have longterm successful change if I (we) don’t change the old lifestyle, and the old mindsets.   One has to choose a new lifestyle to live healthily.


It probably sounds like I have over indulged for a lot of the last 10 years (Amy is 10).  Its important to say no that I have not.   I just haven’t made myself a priority and times are a changing!

I have a thyroid issue which really has started to become a huge issue in my life.   I went right through my childhood, adolescent years without too many issues, I even slid through my 20’s without too many dramas (with regard to my thyroid – lack of thyroid issues).  Since having Jaden, I have started to have some issues – losing weight without a thyroid is difficult.  I kind of feel like its like hitting your head up against a wall, and expecting no pain!   It’s not impossible to lose weight with hypothyroidism – but it is really difficult.     I have been doing hours of research in terms of how to lose weight with hypothyroidism, as I want to really understand my condition properly for myself so that when I go to the doctor next I can ask the right questions.   I want to be a more in control and be in a situation where I can query the doctor.   Don’t get me wrong…I like my doctor, but we are completely responsible for our own health, and we need to be invested in understanding our own bodies and our own issues, after all we are the ones who have something to lose if our doctor gets it wrong!!!

For me personally, 2013 needs to be a year of recovery and getting my health in gear, among other things.  I need to make myself a priority.   Even to the point that I get my hair done on a regular basis and buy some new underwear.  Oops!   did I say that out  loud?

Sounds crazy, but I said to hubby this morning that I think 2013 needs to be the year of the new bras.  The good old faithful maternity bras are no longer needed and its time to find some nice feminine ones.    Nice underwear is amazing.    I am going to take advantage of the January sales to get some new underwear.  I’d like to tick that one off the list early in the new year!  Probably sounds a little crazy, but I am very excited to buy some yummy mummy underwear.


I have a list of things that I want to do for myself to start the process off.

1. Bra shopping
2. New hairdo
3. Go to the dentist
4. Deal with thyroid issues head on!
5. Exercise daily for half an hour minimum.
6. Finish our house renovations (and plan to never renovate a house again!)
7.  Have a mummy weekend away – No kids allowed!
8.  Have more fun with friends – plan more events and be consistent!
9.  Print out photos and frame them.
10. Schedule fun activities for the kids and our family  e.g..  learn to surf, boating, allow the kids to fish (argh!!!)
11.  Give myself permission to add things onto the list as I cross others off…afterall we are all a work in progress!
All I know is that by the end of 2013, I want to have achieved all of the above items.    I know that with exercising and eating fresh healthy food there is no reason that at this time next year – I will be feeling a whole lot better.

So, whats on your list of things to accomplish in 2013?   If you tell me…you may just win a copy of one of my favourite books – Rachael Bermingham’s ‘Savvy-Ingredients for Success!’    Come on – I dare you to!   🙂


  • Lynda Schekoske

    Sarah, it’s wonderful to hear you sounding so positive and energised. You deserve as much time and consideration as everyone else in the family. Go for it, girl – they can either come along with you or eat your dust!

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