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Living a Bigger Life

To live a bigger life, one needs to throw caution to the wind, shake off fear and unbelief, and make a decision to choose life instead of lazy, easy and comfortable.

Living a Bigger life is about doing something you really want to do despite the fear, unbelief, unknown or discomfort.

In 2019, I struggled with the idea of wanting a bigger, and a more exciting lifestyle, but I also wanted to chill out and avoid getting uncomfortable. It’s so easy to not put myself out, not make plans, not go to events, say no to things that I really want to do – but can’t be bothered because it‘s tricky to do in one way or another. Let’s face it, some days we all at some point want to chill out and watch movies in bed all day – I don’t remember the last time I watched tv all day. However, I would love a day where I could watch Anne of Green Gables from start to finish.

Making decisions to avoid being uncomfortable isn’t all that good for us. We grow when we are out of our comfort zones. We push ourselves to have better lives, and better experiences when we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we turn up, we have bigger lives.

One of my favourite podcasters, Gretchen Rubin, says that she makes decisions based on what her life would look like if she added that something into her life. Will adding this ‘thing’ make her life bigger and better, or worse? She used the example of getting their family dog. Gretchen’s husband and two daughters pleaded for a puppy, but Gretchen knew that getting a dog would mean that she would end up spending the most time with the dog, and consequently doing most of the chores relating to the dog because she works from home. Gretchen states in one of her podcasts that the decision to get a dog was more about the joy having a dog would bring to the family. They have had their dog now for a few years and Gretchen loves Barnaby. He has become Gretchen’s home companion during the day, and she admits that he has made their lives bigger and better.

To live a ‘bigger’ life we need to dream and put ourselves out and achieve. Whether it be small or big dream, it‘s important to realise that living bigger means, living with intention. Living with purpose. Most people aspire to live with intention and purpose, but many people get caught up in the daily grind and find themselves unhappy and disillusioned.

If we want to live a bigger life, we have to literally create the life we want to live. This means organising events or moments, and actually turning up for them – even if we don’t feel like going out or seeing anyone. Sometimes we just have to pull ourselves out of our own rut, and push ourselves to make plans and keep them, even when we want to chill out at home and watch a movie.

Last week I wrote about my 20 for 2020 plans. I have to admit that when I wrote them, I was feeling good about the year, and somewhat inspired. I still feel good about my 20 for 2020 goals, but I must admit that I have to start putting some action into my goals – January is disappearing. Also, if I get to January 2021 and haven’t accomplished any of my goals for this year I am going to be sorry and upset with myself that I failed at something I really wanted to accomplish. Sometimes we all need to think about how we might feel if we don’t accomplish our goals.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the feeling of regret. I like feeling accomplished, successful, happy, and healthy. I especially like having overcome areas in my life that I have struggled with. So, here comes 2020, a big year full of friendship, family, health, personal successes, fulfilled dreams and happy hearts.

Who’s coming on the adventure with me?

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