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    Oops! My 2023 Goals were Drafted

    Every year I like to do a list of goals for myself, and I will admit that I did do them for this year, but unfortunately for whatever reason, I didn’t press the word ‘publish’ when I finished the post. Instead, I must have saved the draft and hoped I would come back to the post for a final look before I published the post. Well, this is the post. I have edited the post in some ways, but I have left the actual ’23 for 2023′ items alone. I really wish I had of posted this one back in January, but it didn’t happen, but we just have to…

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    And Suddenly It’s August

    Hello August, The last few months have been quite the whirlwind! I feel as though the weeks and months have just simultaneously merged into one another. Somehow June slid straight into August…I know we had a number of events and things to do in July, but I’d only be able to tell you what they were if I went to the calendar. Turns out, time stands still for no one. Only a few days ago,10th August, the school marked 100 days left of grade 12 for Nell and her friends. Obviously a few days have gone by so as of today (15th August), we are left with 95 days till…

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    A brand New year – 2023

    Happy New Year! Today is the 17th Day of the year, and I have something to admit. I still haven’t taken down the Christmas tree. I will, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m thinking I will put it on my goals list for 2023. I know it will be an easy goal to tick off the list, and I am keen to add some really easy goals into the mix so that I can gain some tread, momentum for the year! The last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Since coming home from our Coolongatta holiday, we have been busier than I had hoped to…