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Its Rachael Bermingham day tomorrow

Today is the eve of Rachael Bermingham’s ‘Savvy’ Superclass Women’s Luncheon.    I think I am more excited about the coming of tomorrow, than I was Christmas eve anticipating Christmas day!!!


I have been madly reading, reading, reading my Savvy book, also wondering what gems Rachael will share with us tomorrow.   I am very excited as its my very first luncheon.  I have never been to an event like this before so I am rather excited.  Rachael is somebody who inspires….she has come from the depths of financial ruin to have written 8 successful books, and built a business around her bucket list, then you have to go to her website and make it happen!!!    If you would like to see if Rachael is coming to an area close to you, then you need to visit Rachael’s website (

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am about this luncheon?   Right now I can’t contain myself!!!

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