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Eye specialists and fun in Maleny

I love spontaneous fun days.   It started with some apprehension as I had to go to an eye specialist and have my optic nerves checked, apparently they appeared swollen in a recent optometrist appointment,  but as it turns out,  I am just one of those people who are born with thicker optic nerves!  Yay for me!    As we were leaving, we got hit with a bill for this eye specialist appointment.   We should have asked what this appointment was going to cost however it came as a shock…$312!  Yep…I know!  I nearly squawked!   Instead, I calmly (not calm on the inside) passed the lady my bank card and she went through the process of eftposing our money out of our account.   Thankfully, we will get some money back off medicare.   At this point in time, it seems that our out of pocket expense will be about $180 – still a huge amount for a one income family!

While at the appointment I had to have these aweful drops put into my eyes,  its 10:33pm now and my eyes still sting  – if there are any typos its because my eyes sting.   I spent the whole day today with my sunglasses on….I could barely see anything, at one point I thought to myself – ‘So this is what its like to be blind!’  I hope I never go blind, I don’t know how I’d cope – it was so frustrating!

I had asked Dion to have the day off to help me with Jaden.   He was happy to help out today, and too be honest, I disnt realise how hard it was going to be if he didn’t take the day off work to come with me. There was no way I could drive after the drops – I could barely see.   I couldn’t check my email, read school information from a piece of paper,  I honestly couldn’t see.   We decided to have a drive up to Maleny and have a lunch at our favourite little cafe – Colin James in the main street!   We were going to have an ice cream but we ran out of time.  I will however say that the top deck fudge from the  Sweet store (Main Street) is very good!   (I know I am supposed to be on a diet – but its not every day you get to spend time kid free with your husband).  The school pick up time comes very fast each day, but we did have a nice time together.  It was wonderful just to hang out together.  Jaden slept for about an hour and a half to two hours and we (hubby and wifey) really had time to just stop and spend time together. Oh and we had time to do a little therapy – op shopping!

Thankfully Dion is cool with my op shopping disorder – (its not a real disorder) if there is an op shop anywhere in sight – I have to go in.  There is no choice in the manner.   I just love op shopping – I love making my money work for us and I find that op shopping (not just for anything – I know what we need etc) gives me not just great bargains, but also therapy and much joy!  I can’t help myself and I am so addicted that I really just can’t pass one .   They are wonderful.

We dropped Jaden at mums for a couple of hours while we got the kids from school and took them to Fit4Life (our Tuesday afternoon activity), Dion and I had 45 minutes of pure bliss to sit on the balcony at the Crown Plaza at Pelican Waters and sip our hot chocolate (me) and mug of cappacino (Dion).   Did I say bliss?

Then of course our fun day had ended and our usual rush to get home to Jaden, homework, dinner and bed happened, and now as I lie here in bed watching television and writing my blog, I smile at my day.   It was a very good day despite the vision issue!

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