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The Last Term of the year

This year is flying by so fast! I can’t believe the September school holidays are over.  They seemed to fly by far too quickly.

Term 4 started on Tuesday, and Amy who is in year 6 bought home an assignment criteria sheet for her next piece of assessment.    I had hoped that we could slide through the first week of school without homework or assignments – but no such luck. Denial is not an easy place to live for a mum.  I could pretend we were still on holidays, but I am choosing to embrace what comes at us with poise and grace, after all, the Christmas holidays aren’t too far away ( 8 weeks and 1 day for our school).  The holidays will be upon us before we know it –  Not that I want to be closer to Christmas – I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet.

The main highlight to our September holidays was having time down at my dad and Lones’s places in Stanthorpe.   Dad may not be with us physically, but I do feel somewhat connected to him when I’m there.   Lone’s has done so much since dad’s been gone – The place is really lovely.   She’s always learning and trying new ideas to get a better yield in the vineyard.  This year she has had huge success with her crop (if thats the right word), and while we were down at her place we were able to sample this years wine.   If you are interested in having a look, you can click here.    Last years Verdelho 2013 was awarded a Bronze in the Qld Wine Awards,  a Bronze in the Australian Small Winemakers and 4 stars Winestate.     I think this years Verdelho will also do very well.   I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this years Wine Awards.


Maybe Christmas presents this year will be a bottle of Lones’ Verdelho 2014?    Maybe Christmas presents are actually all done (except for the kids of course).





    • mischieviousmum

      I think wine o’clock came around 2.30pm for me today!!!…. I’m looking forward to ordering online! Its a really lovely wine. 🙂

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