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    Wheat Belly Quick Recap

    In my last blog post I told you all about a book called  ‘Wheat Belly’, a book about  getting rid of wheat in our diets.  I am not going retell you the story of wheat belly, or what i have been learning about.   I will say though that if you would like to read about the idea behind Wheat Belly, please head over to http://wp.me/p3CidK-3eZ One of my wonderful readers informed me about a facebook page called Cut the crap which is now one of my favourite go-to resource.   Facebook also has a Wheat Belly page, which I find incredibly inspiring.   I have also learned over the last couple…

  • allergy,  Weightloss

    Health is NOT over rated!

    Hello Beautiful Readers, What a huge couple of weeks I have had. I’m starting to think that a little knowledge is dangerous. It changes your perspective and belief system on so many levels. Now I am sure you are wondering what I am going to chat about today, so I will tell you. As you know, over the last so many months I have been on a health journey. I will admit that I have had a little struggle with it, due to a couple of disappointing moments where I could have literally thrown the scales out the window. While I haven’t been happy with my recent results I have…

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