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    Its Time for Self Care

    Self Care is an interesting coin of phrase. I like it, but self care is foreign or at least a struggle for many mums who feel time poor and or financially limited.  Most mums put their heart, soul, time and money into their family and for many, there isn’t a lot left over  at the end of the fortnight.   I, like hundreds and thousands of women around the globe struggle with taking time out to care for myself. There is always something to do, and someone is always asking something of us.   Self Care?  What even is that?  “In a general sense, self-care refers to activities undertaken with…

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    The Art of Self Care

    Over the last couple of months I have been hearing many voices around me refer to the idea or concept of self care.    I obviously love the idea of self care and I have many images of what Self Care looks like to me run through my mind when the phrase is mentioned, but I really struggle to actually take time out for myself.   I am quickly learning that I need to take time out to refresh my soul.  I am a much better person for it – when I actually do it! I can imagine myself climbing into a beautiful bath with bubbles, a glass of white…

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