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    Blog trotting – From Mischieviousmum to Blog Tour!

    This week, I am blogging for the Karmen Lizzul Blog Tour. When my friend Krishna Everson (Sunshine Coast’s Marketing Extra-ordinaar), contacted me and asked me to join her blog tour, I felt very special, and rather honoured.  Krishna has a heart for women in business. Earlier in the year, I signed up for a couple of Krishna’s workshops online (Passionate Marketing, and Get-it Write Empire Builders Mastermind).  I learned quite quickly that Krishna has the gift of teaching on her life, and the innate ability to know what her clients need – sometimes, even before they realise what they need.  If you would like to read what Krishna is up to at the…

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    I am becoming a real ‘techy mum’

    Isn’t it amazing that we really can do anything we put our minds too!  Obviously we are all different, and what I want for my life will probably be very different to what you want for your life, but at the end of the day, when the rubber meets the road, we all have dreams and desires that we would like to conquer while we are here on earth.   For some of us this dream or goal, may be small – like clean out the pantry, but then there are other dreams or goals like going back to study and either finishing a degree or starting one. We all…

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