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    Know your Why?

    Knowing why we do life the way we do it, is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. As someone who tries to simplify my life on a regular basis, I find that I often ask myself the why question.  Many days I ask myself ‘What  am I doing!?’  Sometimes daily, sometimes multiple times a day!! To find that inner calm in our daily walk, we need to figure out how best to live our lives simply.   This is an ongoing process or adventure for me. What I know to be true is this.   Good advice is not helpful when you don’t know what your…

  • 2017,  Taking Stock

    Taking Stock – August 2017

    I’m not quite ready to say good bye to August, but that seems to be out of my control.   I will say though that I am pretty thrilled with the idea that as I publish this post, it will only be a few hours till we can say hello to Spring.   Spring is absolutely my favourite season of the year, and I am not exactly sure how to hide my enthusiasm. So lets get started… Making :   Art is an important subject in our homeschooling life.  Over the last week we have been attempting to paint rocks using mandala techniques. Lets just say that we need to…

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