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It’s February – Happy New Year!

I know, I know, we are heading toward the end of February, and here I am saying ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!

The truth is, I lived in a lovely and blissful state of denial right through January. I was determined to enjoy the school holidays right to the very end with everything I had in me. My pet hate is that as soon as Christmas finishes the back to school sales start. I am not one of those mums who is in a hurry to get back to the school schedule or routine. So, I avoided the back to school sales by not heading to the shops and not watching commercial television. I made sure I hid any back to school sale advertising that came through facebook, and unsubscribed all the store emails that came into my email inbox. I will admit that while I had all the kids school related books bought and put away at the end of last year, I had forgotten to pick up J’s Math Plus book. It wasn’t a big deal, because a little detour to the School Locker shop was easy peasy. As it happened, the book was on sale so I left the store feeling like an absolute champion!

I will say that while I really enjoyed my blissful state of denial right to the very end of the holidays, the downside of blissful living in denial is that the first day of school hit me like a semi trailer doing high way speeds. I was not ready emotionally for the school term. I did get up though, because that is what mums do. We get up, get moving, and get things done even when we would prefer to be doing something else.

So here we are, five weeks into the school term – four weeks and two days till the holidays, and I am ready for the holidays! This term our youngest daughter started her Tafe at school course which is very exciting now that we are getting used to how it works. Insert relief emojis here.

Last year was such a massive year with having to go to Nambour everyday for our eldest. It is a relief that we don’t have to do that everyday. I still run out of time each day, but I am working on my life, my home, my to do list, my goals, my creativity, and my attitude.

Every mum needs a creative outlet. Hobbies are good for our soul. They help calm us, help us reflect on our lives, give us new perspectives, and build community around us. We all need community around us.

Late last year I decided to do a pottery class with some friends. My pot has become a catch-all for keys, pens, change and mail. I have found the classes to be so good for my soul. When my friends aren’t able to go, I still go along, because the other ladies I have met have been so lovely, and are ready to teach me pottery tricks. The conversation is great.

Do I believe I am an amazing potter? NO! Oh my goodness – NOoooooo!!! But what I get out of it is what I am after. For me, I leave my pottery class feeling lighter, less stressed, joyful, and clear minded. Pottery has done wonders for my mental health, and bringing me back to a place of calm. Best therapy ever!

I never understood how important it is for mums in particular to have a creative outlet. I really did not understand how important it is to do something creative on a regular basis. Some people are lucky and have many creative outlets and talents. Up till now, I haven’t really explored my creative options for a variety of reasons, but I am willing to admit that I let fear and excuses be my reasons for not giving things a go.

I know that I am not musical in any way, I have no rhythm, I don’t clap on time, and I am certainly not a dancer. I don’t even wiggle well! Singing was never my thing, a terrible voice and an inability to remember the words does not bode well for a singer, not to mention my severe case of stage fear. Let’s also rule out public speaking. Its easy to look at all our faults, put our hands up in frustration, and declare ourselves talentless, and not creative, but the truth is that we are all creative in some way. All we have to do is try a few ideas, go with something that attracts you to it. Pottery is my first try at something creative because I always wanted to give it a go, and the lady who runs the classes advertised on facebook markets. I just happened to see the ad at the right time and enquire. We don’t know what we will be good at till we try something so this year I want to try a few things.

Trying new things makes our lives bigger and much more enjoyable. Mums give out of themselves in so many ways. It‘s good for our souls to find our creative happy place.

Creativity comes in so many ways. I would love to hear what other mums like to spend time doing?

Chat soon,

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