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    Looking for some good luck – anyone seen it?

    I am not exactly sure why I dislike Nambour, but I do!   There are a few good op shops up there, but overall, its a hot and stinky little town.   Sorry if you live in Nambour – not trying to offend you – particularly if you like it or love it – everyone has an opinion – and I am not a fan of Nambour.    Now, I am sure that you are probably wanting to ask me why I had to go to Nambour – especially since I am not a fan?    Well, Dion’s little red car broke down up there and I had to go…

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    Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out

    Well, I got the car back from the mechanic and lets just say that I almost had to give over my left arm, and two toes.   That voucher I was talking about earlier was and is a crock!   Yes, it was a big service, but my gut feeling was that they saw a woman walk into their store and they knew what buttons to push.   I would love to name and shame them…but I won’t.   If you ask me who it was I will nod when you get it right…I just don’t want to be accused of publically shaming the business. I got a call earlier in the day to…

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    Mechanic…are you ripping me off?

    Today we are getting our car serviced.  It should have been done a few weeks ago, but we are getting it done today.   The two industries that make me nervous are Dentists and Mechanics.  Don’t get me started on my issues regarding the dental industry, so we will talk about mechanics. I heard on the radio some time ago that there is evidence to suggest that mechanics have been known to increase the price when a woman is asking for the service.  Apparently, it suggested that mechanics were less likely to rip off a man asking for the same service?   Today I feel vulnerable and at mercy to…