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Life with kids can be….

Although this blackboard sign sends chills throughout my being – I don’t need or want a kitten, I do understand what it must be like for store owners/managers when my tribe and I go shopping.    Today we dropped in on a Lifeline store close to home, and I am sure they breathed freely once we had left.

All four of our kids were having fun in the toy area of the store, pulling out games, toys,  books, and clothes.    I have to be honest and say that I was thankful that the strange bearded man was not on duty today.   He does not cope with the chaos that a large family brings to the toy section of an op shop.   Don’t get me wrong, I don’t allow the kids to destroy the area, and we do clean up before we leave, but children are inquisitive and it is natural for them to want to look and touch at things.

The girls have recently made the decision to start collecting beanie kid bears, so they were thrilled when all three of them found a beanie kid, and what mother can refuse a beanie kid at $4.50 each, knowing to well that if we shopped else where we would be up for at least $10 per bear?    I have to admit that if we are going to be a family of collectors – these bears are the cutest and the girls find so much joy in playing with them.  I am going to pose the question to the girls that if we are now planning to collect beanie kids – can we consider donating the other stuffed toys?  Obviously not the sentimental ones!?

So going shopping with all four kids can be interesting…One never knows what kind of experience we are going to have.   This is why I prefer to do shopping without the kids. Grocery shopping with Jaden (our almost 17 month old little boy) has its own issues…as he likes to throw grocery items out of the trolley.   Shopping online is the best way to go these days….as I can order in my time, and have it delivered when it suits me!  If only Aldi’s had an online delivery service….!

Best be going Handy Manny is almost finished and I need to get a few things sorted before tiredness hits Jaden.   Daytime sleeps and Jaden are still a work in progress and so if i don’t get these things done…its going to be a very interesting afternoon!

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