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Its 2013….Happy New Year!!!

It has been 10 days since 2012 finished and 2013 started, and I have spent the last ten days getting organised, sorted, appointments, and really enjoying my kids.   Jaden’s second birthday is on the 12th so I have organised a little birthday morning tea for him and his little cousin Charlotte who is 8 days younger than him.  I have also spent time writing – not just for my blog (not yet published as I have been juggling the must do, with the want to do), but planning 2013 and action plans too boot!    This week hubby went back to work, and while I was sad the holidays with him have ended, I realise that getting back into the swing of normal life is important.   We have this strong belief that  2013 is our year so one has to get started at some point!

While I realise that normal must happen, I am in a little bit of denial, when it comes to the idea of ‘going back to school’.   I am avoiding shopping centres as much as I can as I really don’t want the school year to start yet – and I don’t want to be reminded that the first day of school is not far away.   Seeing isles of stationary, exercise books, drink bottles and lunches boxes are not what I want to see.   I am not a fan of the school day routine….simply, I am not ready to go back to school.    I am not ready for homework, projects, uniform prep, lunch and morning tea prep.   I want more time to just play and hang out with the kids!


I was so looking forward to 2013 – and now it is here!  We are in the new year, and already  10 days has vanished before our eyes.  I  have been thinking alot about what I want to accomplish this year, and what we want to accomplish as a family.  I have decided the best way to show you what I want to accomplish for the year is to do a vision board.  It is a work in progress so once its finished I will post a photo, but until then you will just have to imagine it.    Over the holidays we have been discussing many ideas or wishes for our family.  There is a lot of power in having a vision for your life.   How do you know what your working towards if you have no vision?   I don’t know about you – but I feel that if I have no plan or no vision – I am just existing!   I hate to just exist or to just survive!


What did you do to bring in the New Year?

Our New Years Eve was fun.  We decided to take the kids down to New Years Eve celebrations at Mooloolaba.    We eventually found a park at Mooloolaba Yacht Club and walked along the boardwalk to the main beach.  There were people everywhere!   The Sunshine Coast Daily predicted that 40 000 people were going to Mooloolaba.    We made it 40 0006 – I don’t remember ever seeing Mooloolaba so busy on a New Years Eve celebration.  It was exciting and crazy all at once.   With 40 000 people in one smallish area of the Sunshine Coast – one would think that one might see at least a few familiar faces – but instead, we only saw one person that we knew.   It felt strange as it is no longer the Sunshine Coast I moved to in 1996.   Yes it has always been a little crazy at Mooloolaba on New Years Eve – but I have never seen Mooloolaba that busy.    The fireworks was probably the best fireworks presentation I have seen in a long time – despite Jaden freaking out.

download (1)

download (2)

We found this great spot on the beach – practically under the fireworks.   Brilliant posie if you ask me!  I have never watched the fireworks actually on the beach before.  We have always perched ourselves on the side of the hill somewhere thinking that this was the best place to see the fire works – but no, the beach is definitely the best spot to have a clear view of the party in the sky.   As soon as the fireworks ended Jaden was yelling ‘All done!’, ‘All done!’, ‘All done!’.    He hated the fireworks! He could not wait to get away from the place where the fireworks scared him.

So with Christmas, New years Eve 2012 and 10 days of the new year under our belt, I am going to continue cleaning up the garage – sorting plastic containers and prepping for the new room plans.    In the next week, I will also brave the shops and collect school supplies, shoes and lunch boxes.    I will cover books and name them all, and on the 29th January I will drive my kids to school.    After all, this is what I am supposed to do – not necessarily what I want to do!   While I am not looking forward to the holidays officially being over on the 29th, I realise that holidays must come to an end.   The only positive outside the children getting an education is that I will have some time  to focus on my own list of desired goals for the year  – child free (at least when Jaden is at childcare).     The holidays are great for the purpose of refreshing the soul, but they also seem to kickstart that motivation or excitement for the new year.   Obviously this only happens once you feel refreshed.   It helps that you have no choice but to embrace the fact that the holidays have to end and one has to get on with it!


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