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Mechanic…are you ripping me off?

Today we are getting our car serviced.  It should have been done a few weeks ago, but we are getting it done today.   The two industries that make me nervous are Dentists and Mechanics.  Don’t get me started on my issues regarding the dental industry, so we will talk about mechanics.

I heard on the radio some time ago that there is evidence to suggest that mechanics have been known to increase the price when a woman is asking for the service.  Apparently, it suggested that mechanics were less likely to rip off a man asking for the same service?   Today I feel vulnerable and at mercy to the mechanic.   I was shown the invoice and yes it is a major service and there are two front tyres for almost $800.

Some time ago, we bought this voucher, which gave us quite a few service related opportunities for our car…I have this feeling that the voucher is a gimmick to get you in, rather than a voucher to save you money.

The tyre guy, was saying that the cost of tyres were going to be $206 each, and that he’ll also fit it and rotate it? Why do they say that?   When you buy tyres, why do they make out that they are doing you a favour, by fitting and rotating them?  Its not as though I can thank him for the tyres and put them on myself at home…! (which I did mention to him)

As I walked out of the service centre reception area, I felt a little annoyed…I wish I called around to see how much a service would cost for a car like ours…

I have this feeling that we won’t be going back to this place.  I really just wanted to use a voucher that really holds no value!

Now I just can’t wait to get my car back!  🙂

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