The Silent Majority No More

I’m writing this as I don’t want to live my life as one of those who have pitched their tent in the camp of the silent majority. I am writing this because I want to be a voice for the voiceless. A voice in the darkness for a group of people who have no voice.

Many scream at womens marches for their right to abort babies, and politicians are changing laws left right and centre to accommodate these groups. Why?

What about the beautiful babies?

I have avoided posting anything that might be controversial, but I have come to a place where I have to talk about the uncomfortable, and the controversial, as well as the light and easy topics. I don’t want to become a political blog, but I do want to talk about the issues that are close to my heart.

What issue is close to my heart?

The simple answer. Babies, women, good men and families.

One of the reasons I didn’t write as much as I wanted to last year was because I really wanted to write about a subject that really upsets me, but I didn’t quite know how to put my thoughts down in a way that would articulate the points I wanted to make well or coherently.

Last year the Queensland Labor government brought a Bill to the table where they wanted to decriminalise, in other words, make it easier for women to abort their babies. This bill would allow babies up to birth be aborted (as long as two doctors agreed). Not sure how this is going to be policed, but in any case, a baby can be aborted up to the time of birth. I am appalled by this notion. Children, whether in the womb or outside the womb have rights, and all children should be protected.

Politicians in New York City have just made it easier for women to abort their babies up until birth – no questions asked. I am absolutely horrified. I just can’t make abortion okay in my spirit or in my soul. I just can’t be apart of the silent majority on this issue. Innocent children are being are being killed, just because.

It doesn’t matter the reason. There is no reason a baby should be killed. It is called Infantcide. Murder. There is blood on the hands of these politicians who push these laws through.

I have been angry about our changed Queensland laws, but for some reason, since New York has changed their laws, I am now able to put words into action about these deplorable laws and the sick men and women who celebrated their ‘win’.

It’s NOT a win for women!
The argument that every woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, is on point, but not in the way that these small minded groups are thinking.

I agree, a woman has the right to use contraception (a measure to prevent pregnancy), she has the right to say no to anyone or anything that might hurt her physically, spiritually or emotionally, and if she really does not want children or anymore children, she has the right to get her tubes tied. Since abortion is not a form of contraception, women do not have a right to kill their unborn babies. Babies do not hurt women!

Abortion is personal to me, not because I have taken this route, but because I have walked alongside friends who have had abortions. All struggle with their decision to abort their babies, and all wish they could go back and change their decision. One friend, Cassie was a beautiful girl and friend, but after the abortion, she was a completely different person. She suffered heavily with guilt. She felt angry and lied too, and after a number of months after her abortion experience, she made the terrible decision to take her own life. Abortion hurts the mother and kills the baby.

Cassie died 25 and a half years ago. If only Cass didn’t go down the track of abortion, she would probably be alive and happy today, and her son or daughter would be about 26 years of age.

Other friends live with their regret every single day. They always say, ‘if only I could have my time again. I would never have aborted my baby. There is someone missing from my life’.
One friend was in her late teens when she found out she was pregnant. She has lived with so much guilt and anguish over her decision to abort her baby. She is always looking for that closure, but never finds it.

Everyone is conceived and created for a purpose. Everyone has a right to life.

It’s one thing to lose a baby through miscarriage, but to lose a baby via choice is a completely different experience for a woman, and in many cases, the baby’s father.
Fathers should have more rights. It takes two to make a baby, and if you party in the bedroom, you have to take on the responsibility for creating a baby if you fall pregnant. Abortion is not a form of contraception, and it is an evil and abhorrent lie to think that anyone will walk away from an abortion unscathed.

When the results of the vote in parliament were televised, I was horrified by the response of our political leaders. Women were dancing and joyfully hugging each other as though they had just won the lottery. Instead, they had won the right to kill innocent babies. They now have a legal right to kill babies, and apparently this called for a time of celebrations. They lit up the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane in pink lights to celebrate their win. I can’t even put into words the disgust, or the depth of sadness I feel for the babies who will be brutally and barbarically killed for the convenience of women who have better things to do with their lives than step up to the plate and be responsible for the life they took part in creating. A life that starts should be given every chance to flourish. Not aborted.
As a mother of four children and one baby in heaven (miscarriage), the word ‘foetus’ is just a clinical term for baby. I know what it is to grow a baby to full term, I know what its like to feel the baby move and kick his or her little arms and legs inside of my tummy, and I know what it is like to hold that baby in my arms after birth.

Why am I writing this?

Well, for two reasons. The first reason is that I am sick of the lie that is being pushed and promoted onto young girls and young women, ‘Your body – your choice’ is a slogan, not a permission slip to take the life of a baby. Your body might be your body, but when you fall pregnant you are growing another human being in your tummy, not a group of cells. You might not have planned it, but it is real, and it is happening. Having a baby at a young age or older age, might not be in your plan, but if you party in the bedroom, there will always be a risk of early motherhood, or late in life motherhood. No contraception is 100% safe. Choice does not equal abortion, and to choose abortion means for most women a life time of pain and regret, no matter how they try to disguise the truth. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities get involved in the ‘shout your abortion’ campaign, no woman leaves an abortion clinic unscathed.

Instead of using abortion as the answer to an inconvience (which babies are not an inconvenience), it would be really nice to think that many women might grow to love their babies, or decide to bless another couple with a miracle. There are so many couples who can’t have children, it really would be a gift of love to both the baby and another couple to continue the pregnancy.

We need to make our adoption laws easier for not just the woman carrying the baby, but also the couples who want to add to their family, or start a family and can’t do it naturally.

I have recently learned that a pro abortion organisation called Emilys list helps financially fund pro choice women candidates into office. To me this is a despicable organisation as its primary reason for existence is to fund women into politics to push the pro abortion agenda. You should check out the list of Australian Labor representatives here. I don’t think they have left anyone out.

The second reason I am writing about this is because we are heading to a federal election in May and you need to know exactly who you are voting for, what they are planning to do, and what they stand for. There are many people with their hats in the ring, claiming they will make your world a better place. If you are appalled by the recent decision made by labor, particularly regarding the abortion bill, I would hold onto your seat, because they are planning to put millions of dollars into making it easier for women to abort their babies from a national level if they they get in. Here is an article talking about the plans.

There are some great candidates who really are in politics to make a difference in the world. I would like to encourage you to get to know who your local members are, get to know exactly what they stand for, and get to know the people in your electorate who are running for office.

The silent majority have lots of great points of view, but they don’t put any pressure on their local members or candidates to fight for those things that matter. The silent majority need to stop being silent and start standing up for those things that are morally right. Aborting babies is not right in anyway, and should not be considered ‘normal’ or ‘okay’ just because a law has been changed to make it okay. There are heaps of things that have been made lawful, but are not morally right.

Babies matter! Women and good men matter! Families matter! Children matter!! When the silent majority get up and do something, see what a difference it can make.
Last weekend, in Washington DC, the 46th ‘March for Life’ happened. They calculated that over 25000 people from across America came out in the cold to stand up for for the voiceless.

All I know is that it’s time for many of us to stop being a comfortable member of the silent majority party. If we want change, we have to be apart of the change. The politicians might pass these abhorrent bills into our constitutions, but we shouldn’t have to just accept it as an unchangeable fact. Laws can be changed and amended. Abortion does not help women or empower them, it hurts women, and it kills innocent babies.